We’re delighted to introduce Igloo to the Intranet Now conference. Canadian-based Igloo is one of the leading cloud intranet platforms, with a diverse client base including a number of notable U.K. based organisations like Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Direct Line, and The Prostate Cancer Charity. Igloo mean to make the day a whole lot more comfortable, thanks to their hospitality room.

When I think of what Intranet Now should be like as a conference, I think about the first intranet I worked on in a small government department in Northern Ireland. Those who bravely set it up and ran it (some technologists and some administrators) had zero experience (this was 2001) and they made plenty of […]Continue reading

Intranet Now’s programme is going to be 75% created by participants (lightning talks and discussions) it’s a chance to share challenges and learn what others are doing. By way of stimulus I am sharing below the challenges named by 40 UK Intranet managers in the Customer Carewords 2012 Web Management Principles Survey.