A massive engraved diamond.

For remarkable contribution to the intranet community

Our Diamond award is for an individual who contributes to the intranet community – the community that’s a big Venn or Euler diagram that includes in-house practitioners, consultants, and vendors across internal communications, change, collaboration, information technology, design, and the whole digital workplace environment.

Everybody on the short and long lists works to improve things for others – we highly recommend that you connect with every one of the following stars on Linkedin and Twitter.

Short list

First name links to Linkedin, second name links to Twitter.

Andrew Wright — runs Worldwide Intranet Challenge as a free benchmarking service, and curates the two biggest LinkedIn groups in our area (Intranet and DW Professionals, and Digital Workplace and Intranet Employee Benchmarking).

Elisabeth Marsh — for her thought leadership within DWG, and recently her superb work on digital literacy. Long career in research and academia, adding to the formal knowledge we have.

Kurt Sorensen — has tirelessly run an intranet community in Denmark, with a genuine passion for the space, and conferences (with wide influence), intranet awards, and posting collections of articles.

Lau Andreason — for connecting people and ideas around intranets for more than a decade.

Paul Miller — a long history, but also books and a current podcast and expansion into America.

Richard Hare — someone who’s been bringing intranetters together for years and is generous with his time and knowledge.

Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb — for thoughtful blogging and ideas which improve the professional standards of intranet managers.

We will announce the winner a few minutes before 5pm on the 4th of October at our Intranet Now conference.

Long list

While not up for the Diamond Award this year, each of the following people work to contribute to the community and are well worth connecting with and following.

First name links to Linkedin, second name links to Twitter.

Hanna Karppi — for her practical but creative approach to helping people get work done.

James Dellow — who blogs, presents and joins in the global community from Australia.

Jed Cawthorne — for his generosity with his time and knowledge and willingness to help. Has also acted on the CMSWire reader advisory board, judged digital workplace leaders awards.

Jesper Bylund — sharing his journey to create a good council intranet [and creating the intranet governance card game].

Larraine Solomon of Monster — for inspiring conversations on all aspects of internal communication, intranets, and employee engagement.

Mark Morrell — a role-model for the intranet community for his work at BT and his earlier blogging.

Matt Jukes — for considered counsel in this space but also for curating his digital jobs list.

Nigel Williams — his insight has helped many companies achieve intranet success.

Rita Zonius — for ESN Chat, blogging, conference work.

Suzie Robinson — started blogging as an intranet manager and has now become an intranet platform expert at ClearBox.

Tom Chippendale — a digital manager who shares company insights on his blog, which is a big deal.

Tony Stewart — for his thought leadership on how to link intranets with bots. He understands the challenges companies face when migrating from static intranets to ESNs on to cognitive bots.

Before you start @ing me, remember that Martin White, Sam Marshall, James Robertson, the Intranetizens, Brian Lamb, and Ellen van Aken have already won the Diamond award! And of course, the dozens of nominations that come in for me on a monthly basis are simply deleted.

We will announce the winner a few minutes before 5pm on the 4th of October at our Intranet Now conference. You should come!