Our Intranet Now event is a dynamic day. While we pack in 20 speakers into the agenda, it’s the late afternoon sessions that turn the tables. Every audience member becomes a participant, as we transform into an unconference.

The unconference format means that participants set the agenda, by suggestiong discussion topics. Topics are often inspired by the morning’s presentations, but also by the projects participants are working on and the challenges they face.

We might offer between 20 and 32 discussion topics spread across 5 to 8 separate discussion rooms. You will only participate in four discussions though, and some topics will be repeated so that more people get to be involved.

Intranet Now is all about participation – you make the day what it is.

Here are some of the companies (and job titles) you’ll see at Intranet Now on Tuesday the 13th of October.

Participating companies

Attending companies 2015

Participants’ job titles

Here’s a smattering of the job titles of the participants – do you see yours?

Job titles 2015

Please check the agenda and note that ticket sales close a week before the conference date, so please consider booking today.

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