About us

Wedge was inspired to start work on this idea, and after many glasses of work, started talking to contacts around the web.

In September 2014, Brian and Wedge launched an independent intranet conference with lots of help and support from ‘the intranet community’. For two guys who had never met, it was a big undertaking. With 170+ souls in the room, the success of the conference proved that the UK needs an independent, vendor-agnostic, conference focused on improving the intranet right now.

Now in its third year Intranet Now remains the UK’s most practical, friendly, low cost intranet and communications conference. In 2015 we started offering workshops in the same style, on topics that  intranet and comms people wanted to know about, with high quality speakers and of course at low cost.

Our third conference continues to evolve with our new World Café allowing even more learning and active participation. The day still fits in over 20 speakers with our short lightning talks enabling us to cover everything that is important in the world of intranets now.  All this is made possible by the continued support of our sponsors and intranet and comms folk across the UK and beyond.

Intranet Now manifesto

A conference about intranets and the digital workplace that is:

  • About the Intranet NOW – practical case studies, real experts, and advice;
  • Serious about how the intranet serves its organisation;
  • Concerned with engagement, collaboration, and communication;
  • Not dominated by any one technology but illuminated by examples of good practice from many;
  • A place to learn from others (sharing mistakes as well as successes);
  • Curious and open to new ideas with room for experimental and left field ideas.

and has a good lunch, good wifi, and no dress code.

I’m an intranet wrangler, content designer and general comms and collaboration geek – an intranerd, if you will.

I work with some of the world’s largest organisations to improve the way they communicate – to their employees, customers, service users and other stakeholders.

I create punchy, accessible content that makes information easier to understand.

I work alongside developers, communicators and content people to deliver better digital workplaces.

I also love bringing people together to help solve their technical challenges and meet others going through the same experiences – which is why I’m so pleased to be a director of Intranet Now.

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Lisa Riemers.

I founded the Intranet Now conference in 2014, and I’m an intranet and comms consultant by day.

Since my time as a ‘corporate journalist’ and intranet manager back for a global tech company, I’ve been deeply entrenched in the intranet world.

I’ve helped plan and launch over 25 intranets, and helped dozens of organisations of every size improve their digital communications and collaboration.

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