James Robertson’s only UK keynote this year

James is the author of the three best-selling intranet books in the world, each of which come highly recommended.

James RobertsonHe has also written over two hundred articles and a variety of best-practice resources, including the Intranet Roadmap. Right now James is on a bit of a world tour, speaking in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Washington DC but his only UK keynote address will be at Intranet Now on the 13th October.

James will speak about how changes within organisations are reaching critical mass, covering not just new technologies, but where and how we work. He’ll discuss the concept of the ‘digital workplace’ – and why this is a real opportunity for intranet teams (and also a bunch of challenges).


UK Intranet Innovation Award Winners

James will introduce the UK winners of his Intranet Innovation Awards. These global awards celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the enhancement and delivery of intranets.

Two (UK) winners will present case studies at the conference.

Martin PopeMartin Pope, from Barclays, will talk about an innovative approach to connecting learners to the right learning solutions. Technology has changed the world of learning dramatically but organisations have been slow to match these experiences of interacting with technology outside of work in the way learning is presented internally. Martin will talk about the Barclays winning approach to learning that reflects how adults learn today.


Shaula ZanchiShaula Zanchi built architecture firm Robin Partington’s intranet from the ground up using in-house resources and the best available open source tools. She created an innovative engaging place for a busy team of professionals to collaborate and learn.  Shaula will talk about the challenges and opportunities in creating an intranet that grows as your organisation does. her story shows just how powerful a great intranet can be for a small company.


Technically, there are only seven working days until ticket sales end – and only two weeks until our conference. Please join us for a packed agenda and semi-structured group discussion.

Intranet Now – the conference for comms and intranet people. London, 13th Oct.

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