Eyes and mask.

Intranet Now postponed until 2021

The next Intranet Now conference won’t be this autumn – we’ve postponed it until October 2021.

Lisa and I had hoped to do something this year, but even if distancing restrictions lift, we recognise that people will make their own decisions about where they feel comfortable going. As Intranet Now is managed by just the two of us (with support from partners and the venue of course), we don’t feel confident enough this year, considering the workload, financing, and indoor distancing rules at the venue.

I mean, Lisa’s working long hours in her day job, while I never leave the house and am supporting some large projects in my job. We want to have the confidence and zeal needed to put on the near-first-class event you expect.

Real life and virtual

I launched Intranet Now back in 2015 to bring digital comms and intranet managers together in discussion; not something easily done via webinar or virtual event. So Intranet Now, itself, must be a real-life event, even if Lisa and I do some kind of online event to facilitate sharing and learning in the meantime.

There’s some appetite to do Intranet Now in the spring of 2021, but having a fallow year and trusting our usual autumn spot feels better.

Now and next year

We’ll confirm the 2021 date in a few months. It will either be the 1st or 8th of October 2021, and for some reason, we can’t decide which. Maybe our platinum partner will help us plump for a date!

Please sign up for our newsletter and join our LinkedIn Group so we can let you know about the date and theme – we’ll start looking for in-house practitioner speakers around March or April I imagine.

We’ll also invite you to any webinars or half-day virtual events we might produce! We’ve had interest for such from intranet platform vendors and comms agencies, so we’ll have a think.

Lisa and I are too busy to be sad just yet, but as the summer cools into autumn, I know we’re going to pine for the frenetic excitement and miss our partners, volunteers, and the community terribly. I know I shall frequently wake with the urge to buy nice shirts and critique PowerPoints.

We are really sorry to miss you this year, and we hope you’ll help us create the best experience next year when Intranet Now returns to London.