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January workshop with Gerry McGovern

Revolution in the workplace

Our next event is a full-day seminar with Gerry McGovern in London. Read the deets.

It's all over - presentations are all online

We had 22 presentations (all online now, with sketchnotes) from 23 in-house practitioners, consultants, pro speakers, and solution vendors.

We held a World Café (pic) that helped connect nearly 200 people.

Gerry McGovern’s revolution in the workplace’ – a one-day workshop in London.

A practical friendly conference once again’ – Brian’s reflections and admissions.

What really happened at Intranet Now – all the gossip, photos, and reviews.

All the photos’ – on Flickr. Our photographer was Antonio Salgada of Capturise.

The Diamond Award winner’ – see who won, watch the video.

Our first ever panel discussion (pic) was short and sharp.

This year’s Diamond Award winner couldn’t make it, but we had a great video from her.

The champagne flowed during the after-party (pics), and people we’re still talking about the morning’s prawn snacks.

The reviews are in, and shown at the bottom of Brian’s wrap-up.


Intranet Now

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Until 5th October.



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Unily by brightstarr

Unily offers a complete digital workplace experience for global organisations. Built on Microsoft Azure, Unily integrates with the best of Office 365, all delivered in a seamless package, to enhance employees’ work and help drive global engagement. Read more about Unily.


WM Reply creates world-class intranets, collaboration platforms, and business solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Read more about WM Reply.


Interact is a global enterprise software company that serves intranet software to over one million users across more than 800 organisations. Read more about Interact.

Tangowork provides software and consulting that makes it easy for communications teams to deploy and manage chatbots.
Tangowork software powers chatbots for events, chatbots for intranets, chatbots for news, and chatbots for internal communications. Tangowork consulting includes strategic assessments, the development of low-cost chatbot prototypes, natural language training, content editing, and custom chatbot programming. Try Tangowork yourself by accessing the Intranet Now chatbot on Facebook Messenger:

We cannot put on such a big event without the direct support from our partners. Each year we reach out to vendors, agencies, and consultancies to invite them to share their work, and support the Intranet Now conference. Our ticket prices are so reasonable because our sponsors subsidise all costs, and literally ensure the event’s success.

After-event drinks reception


Media partners

ClearBox Consulting

ClearBox Consulting, the independent digital workplace consultancy.

Intranet Focus

Intranet Focus; intranet strategy and enterprise search guidance.

Marginalia - the future of work magazine
Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop – defining architecture and improving user experience

About us

Wedge was inspired to start work on this idea, and after many glasses of work, started talking to contacts around the web.

In September 2014, Brian and Wedge launched an independent intranet conference with lots of help and support from ‘the intranet community’. For two guys who had never met, it was a big undertaking. With 170+ souls in the room, the success of the conference proved that the UK needs an independent, vendor-agnostic, conference focused on improving the intranet right now.

Now in its fourth year Intranet Now remains the UK’s most practical, friendly, low cost intranet and communications conference. But we’re now the biggest as well, as we attract 200 people – around double what you expect to see at other intranet conferences.

Our fourth conference continues to evolve with our new World Café allowing even more learning and active participation. The day still fits in over 20 speakers with our short lightning talks enabling us to cover everything that is important in the world of intranets now.  All this is made possible by the continued support of our sponsors and intranet and comms folk across the UK and beyond.

Intranet Now manifesto

A conference / unconference about intranets and the digital workplace that is:

  • About the Intranet NOW – practical case studies, real experts, and advice;
  • Serious about how the intranet serves its organisation;
  • Concerned with engagement, collaboration, and communication;
  • Not dominated by any one technology but illuminated by examples of good practice from many;
  • A place to learn from others (sharing mistakes as well as successes);
  • Curious and open to new ideas with room for experimental and left field ideas.

and has a good lunch, good wifi, and no dress code.


Brian did his MSc thesis on Intranets in 1998 and has been fascinated ever since. In 2003 he started working with Gerry McGovern on large intranets in organisations like BBC, Rolls Royce, Federal Reserve Board, Atlas Copco, Alfa Laval and Boots.  He has worked closely with comms and technology teams on intranet architectures, measuring intranet value and change management.

He wants Intranet Now to be the place where intranet and comms people start to solve breakdowns between technology and the things people actually need to do at work.


Wedge is just one of those intranet and comms bods that you see around the web. Wedge works for ClearBox Consulting, but Intranet Now is his independent business. Wedge is his real name, and is easy for people to remember when they need someone for UX and IA projects.

He likes to help with content, comms, and intranet design of every kind.