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Thursday, 5th October 2017

Hilton Bankside, 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0UG



8:30 am — Registration – show your Eventbrite mobile app, or the print out, and collect your badge.

Coffee, pastries, networking, and sponsor displays in the lower foyer.

Join us for breakfast from 8:30 am – register in good time for our 9:00 am start.


Wedge and Brian9:05 am — Welcome from Brian and Wedge. ( 5 mins.)

9:10 am — Keynote

( 29 mins.)

Martin White9:39 am — Search in three minutes  — Martin White of Intranet Focus

( 3 mins.)

Lesley Crook9:43 am — Working out loudLesley Crook

( 9 mins.)

Allan Tanner9:53 am — FindabilityAllan Tanner of Standard Life

( 9 mins.)

Sasha de Speville10:03 am — TBCSasha de Speville of EasySharePoint

( 9 mins.)

Helen Lippell10:13 am — TaxonomiesHelen Lippell

( 9 mins.)

Chris McGrath10:23 am — Chatbots for employeesChris McGrath of TangoWork

( 9 mins.)

StrawberryMorning break

10:32 am — Break (33 minutes).

Alison Leahy11:05 am — Collaboration out in the fieldAlison Leahy of Doctors without Borders

( 9 mins.)

Kurt Kragh Sørensen11:15 am — Research resultsKurt Kragh Sørensen of IntraTeam

( 9 mins.)

Scott Mcarthur11:25 am — Marvellous things —  Scott McArthur

( 9 mins.)

Joe Freeman11:35 am — Digi trans  — Joe Freeman of Breast Cancer Now.

( 9 mins.)

Chris Tubb11:45 am — TBAChris Tubb.

( 9 mins.)

11:55 am — TBA

( 9 mins.)

12:05 am — Keynote

( 29 mins.)


12:35 pm — Lovely lunch (70 minutes). A standing lunch, or you can sit down – stretch your legs and get to know your fellow conventionists.

Wedge and Brian


1:45 pm — Welcome back from Brian and Wedge.
Hoping you had good conversations over a good lunch, and are ready for a dynamic afternoon.

1:48 pm — TBA

( 16 minutes)

2:04 pm — TBA

( 9 minutes)

2:15 pm — TBA

( 9 minutes)

2:25 pm — TBA

( 9 minutes)

2:35 pm — TBA

( 9 minutes)

CafeWorld Café

Wedge and Brian2:45 pm — Explanation of this afternoon’s table discussion topics

Each speaker facilitates a conversation at a table in the main hall. It’s a ‘World Café‘, meaning it’s about informal dialogue (not monologue).

CakeAfternoon cake break

3:15 pm — Break (25 minutes).

CafeWorld Café (second session)

3:40 pm — Move and sit at another table.


World Café (third session)

4:00 pm — Move and sit at another table.

Wedge and Brian4:52 pm — Brian and Wedge.

Diamond Award

4:20 pm — The nominations, and the winner of the Diamond Award, for remarkcable contribution to the intranet community.

Panel discussion

4:30 pm — Our platinum sponsors, our new Diamond Award winner, selected speakers and guests take to the stage to answer questions, throw out ideas, and wrap up the day.

Wine4:55 pm — Champagne(?) Drinks Reception in the upper foyer, thanks to the Digital Workplace Group.

Trophy icon by Edward Boatman; workshop icon by Takao Umehara; cake icon by Edward Boatman; strawberry icon by Creative Stall; buffet icon by Krisada; Cafe seating by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project.