If you’re a practitioner who’s doing great things with your intranet right now, please email if you’d like to speak.

Registration 🎟

Thursday, 5th October 2017

Hilton Bankside, 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0UG


8:30 am — Registration – show your Eventbrite mobile app, or the print out, and collect your badge.

The first 50 people get a free copy of Oscar Berg’s book, ‘Collaborating in a Social Era’.

Coffee, pastries, networking, and sponsor displays in the lower foyer.

Join us for breakfast from 8:30 am – register in good time for our 9:00 am start.

Morning ☀️

Collaborating in a Social Era

9:05 am — Welcome from Brian and Wedge. ( 5 mins.)

Wedge and Brian

9:10 am — Keynote ( 29 mins.)

9:39 am — Counting the cost of information invisibility: Using a piece of rope Martin will enable every delegate to calculate the cost of not being able to find business-critical information  — Martin White of Intranet Focus. ( 3 mins.)

Martin White

9:43 am — Chatbots now: Talking to your intranet used to mean you were insane. Today it means you have a chatbot. Learn how chatbots and conversational UI are improving the employee experience — Chris McGrath of TangoWork. ( 9 mins.)

Chris McGrath

9:53 am — IA – take no shortcuts, make no assumptions: How Standard Life Aberdeen went about restructuring the entire information architecture of their intranet following adverse employee feedback six months after it was launched — Allan Tanner of Standard Life Aberdeen. ( 9 mins.)

Allan Tanner

10:03 am — TBC — Special guest courtesy of EasySharePoint. ( 9 mins.)

10:13 am — Find stuff quicker – make your search and taxonomies work for you: “Just make it like Google,” they say, but the intranet is not the unbounded internet. Helen offers practical tips on making the most of your current search tech and taxonomies — Helen Lippell. ( 9 mins.)

Helen Lippell

10:23 am — TBA — TBA of WM Reply. ( 9 mins.)

Morning break ☕️

10:32 am — Break (33 minutes).


11:05 am — TBA — TBA of Interact. ( 9 mins.)

11:15 am — What’s working – research results from 186 orgs: Results and insights from IntraTeam’s digital workplace survey, showing how to get more value from your intranet and tools — Kurt Kragh Sørensen of IntraTeam. ( 9 mins.)

Kurt Kragh Sørensen

11:25 am — Blind dogs and Englishmen – ancient wisdom for technologists: Why is communication so complicated, and why is it so hard to change people’s minds? Take some tips from social psychology to help make you a communication Jedi —  Scott McArthur. ( 15 mins.)

Scott McArthur

11:40 am — Digi trans  — Joe Freeman of Breast Cancer Now. ( 9 mins.)

Joe Freeman

11:50 am — Who needs governance?: It made sense when everyone knew their place. Now times are different. Technology is much easier to use. Staff expect to be trusted. Does governance inhibit trying things out? Should we be more or less controlling of our digital workspaces? — Martyn Perks of Unily. ( 9 mins.)

Martyn Perks

12:00 pm — Welcome to your new home (page): After a decade with a familiar but ageing intranet, how our employees coped with the move to Office 365. — Tom Chippendale of Wessex Water. ( 9 mins.)

Tom Chippendale

12:10 pm — Learnings from user research for UX design: Good design starts with good research. — Amanda Broomhall. ( 9 mins.)

Amanda Broomhall

12:20 pm — TBA:  — TBA. ( 9 mins approx.)

Lunch 🍱

12:35 pm — Lovely lunch (70 minutes). A standing lunch, or you can sit down – stretch your legs and get to know your fellow conventionists.


Afternoon 😎

1:45 pm — Welcome back from Brian and Wedge.
Hoping you had good conversations over a good lunch, and are ready for a dynamic afternoon. ( 3 mins.)

Wedge and Brian

1:48 pm — TBA  ( 15 minutes)

2:03 pm — Realising a digital campus (TBC)Ross Tarbard of the University of Leicester. ( 9 minutes)

Ross Tarbard

2:13 pm — The spark: how your intranet project can go wrong before you even start: When your project goes up in flames, you feel the burn. How do you make sure you work on the right problem, not just the first idea that sparked it off? — Chris Tubb. ( 9 mins.)

Chris Tubb

2:23 pm — Mulit-brand intranets  : The Diageo intranet must cover so many famous brands, like Guinness®, Smirnoff®, and and Tanqueray®, so how do you communicate in a multi-brand world? — Ruth Kirkup of Diageo. ( 9 mins.)

2:33 pm — TBA  ( 9 mins.)

World Café ☕️

2:42 pm — Explanation of this afternoon’s table discussion topics

Each speaker facilitates a conversation at a table in the main hall. It’s a ‘World Café‘, meaning it’s about informal dialogue (not monologue).

First session ☕️

2:45 pm — Move to a new table (or don’t) and ensure there’s only five people maximum. ( 30 mins.)


Second session ☕️

3:15 pm — Move to a new table (or don’t) and ensure there’s only five people maximum. Don’t forget to grab coffee and cake. ( 30 mins.)


Third session ☕️

3:45 pm — Move to a new table (or don’t) and ensure there’s only five people maximum. ( 30 mins.)


Diamond Award 💎

4:15 pm — The nominees, and the winner of the Diamond Award – for remarkable contribution to the intranet community.

Diamond Award 2016

Panel discussion 💬

4:27 pm — Our platinum sponsors, our new Diamond Award winner, and selected guests take to the stage to answer questions, throw out ideas, and wrap up the day. Chaired by Sam Marshall of ClearBox.


Drinks, nibbles, and DJ ‍‍🍾🍷🍺🎶👨🏼‍🎤

5:00 pm — Champagne(?) Drinks Reception in the upper foyer, thanks to the Digital Workplace Group.


Buffet icon by Krisada; Cafe seating by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project.