Learn from your peers – we have a so many practitioners and luminaries to hear from. Have the agenda open on your phone on the day, and remember you will get to talk to our speakers during the afternoon’s World Café.


8:30 am — Registration – show your Eventbrite mobile app, or the print out, and collect your badge.

While at the registration desk, please select which workshop you will attend in the late afternoon. Yes, you can change your mind, but please select one now.

Coffee, pastries, networking, and sponsor displays in the foyer [Floor -4 (that’s ‘minus 4’)] of the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel.

Join us for breakfast from 8:30 am – register in good time for our 9:00 am start.


Wedge and Brian9:05 am — Welcome from Brian and Wedge. (5 mins.)

John Scott9:10 am — KeynoteChampioning the userJohn Scott of Content Formula [platinum sponsor]
Ways to get to know your users better and give them what they want. ‘User research’ is more than asking people what they want! (25 mins.)

Martin White9:36 am — A very short history of intranets  — Martin White of Intranet Focus
Martin traces the development of intranets since the early 1960s and the gradual emergence of good practice in intranet management, before highlighting some lessons to be learned from the last 50 years. ( 7 mins.)

James Dellow9:44 am — The case for agile intranetsJames Dellow
It used to be the case that intranets would take months of planning and then months of development, but an agile approach flips this traditional model on its head. What do you need to know if you want to take an iterative, design-led approach to your intranet? ( 7 mins.)

Keri Harrowven9:52 am — Bringing all our business processes together – “Here’s one I made earlier”Keri Harrowven of Ian Williams
SharePoint is an unwieldy beast! But I have fought the beast, and won, and you can do it too. Best of all, it took no developer time and is completely in my control to further improve, and I will show you how. ( 7 mins.)

Kevin Cody10:00 am — UX design for intranet engagement — Kevin Cody of SmallWorlders
How research and user centric design leads to intranets that deliver user engagement. Why you shouldn’t always listen to your stakeholders. And how the bulk of user testing can be done before a page is even built. ( 7 mins.)

Calum Haswell10:08 am — Personal values – business value through personalisationCalum Haswell of White & Case
Understanding what you know and using this to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. How user personalisation and customisation can be used to deliver business value. ( 7 mins.)

Neil Morgan10:16 am — Intranet governance – after the go liveNeil Morgan of Richemont
Defining what to govern and how, in order to ensure the continued evolution of the digital workplace. ( 7 mins.)

Hanna Karppi10:24 am — Balancing global and local needsHanna Karppi, of Skanska
Involving users and stakeholders in our global intranet project. ( 12 mins.)

StrawberryMorning break

10:36 am — Break (32 minutes).

Andrew Hesselden11:08 am — How to resuscitate your intranetAndrew Hesselden of CoralFish
How we used modern User Experience Design thinking to improve the intranet at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff. A little bit of TLC, some modern UX magic fairy dust and a little author training might be all that’s needed to resuscitate your intranet. ( 7 mins.)

Julian Morency11:16 — SaaS intranets: too good to be true?Julian Morency of Twine
Promises of instant rollouts, low costs and instant updates; SaaS intranets are dubbed the silver bullet. Julian isn’t so sure. He talks through his journey from pure SaaS offering to Twine’s latest hybrid approach. ( 7 mins.)

Jenni Field11:24 am — Adding value through collaborationJenni Field of Perrigo
When it comes to implementing a collaboration platform, many things can stand in your way. Looking at every aspect of online communication and bringing it all together was the only way to prove the benefits of an ongoing investment. How do we add value? Let me prove that we can. ( 7 mins.)

Alex Skinner11:32 — Please don’t call it an intranet! — Alex Skinner of Pixl8
Creating an employee engagement platform for a growing global fashion brand. Communicating values and knowledge to Retail staff is challenging, they don’t have PCs, speak the same language or have company accounts and email. ( 7 mins.)

Phil Mennie11:40 — The social intranet: Managing risk through effective governancePhil Mennie of PWC
When implemented well, governance brings teams together and helps them work towards one common goal. Governance addresses risk and puts in place the right controls to manage those risks. ( 7 mins.)

Kevin Austin11:48 — Show me the money!Kevin Austin of Shell
ESNs are not just about building online communities! This talk explores how social collaboration is helping Shell impact the bottom line. ( 7 mins.)

Ann-Marie Peacock11:56 am — From us to them – evolution of internal commsAnn-Marie Peacock of Dialog Semiconductor
How we borrowed Dialog’s Innovative DNA to improve internal communication for employees to share knowledge and improve cross site and cross team communication. ( 7 mins.)

Paul Zimmerman12:04 pm — KeynoteUser experience for the 100% – making your intranet accessible to everyonePaul Zimmerman of Invotra [platinum sponsor]
How accessible is your intranet platform? Paul shares some hints, tips, and insights into making sure your intranet is truly accessible to everyone. ( 25 mins.)


12:30 pm — Lovely lunch (1 hour). A standing lunch, or you can sit down – stretch your legs and get to know your fellow conventionists.

Wedge and Brian


1:35 pm — Welcome back from Brian and Wedge.
Hoping you had good conversations over a good lunch, and are ready for a dynamic afternoon.

Ernst Decsey1:38 pm — UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships’ intranet rethinkErnst Decsey
Ernst will walk you through the big shifts for the UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships’ intranet, regarding information architecture, visual design, mindset and technology (from Lotus Notes to SharePoint online and Yammer). ( 7 mins.)

Andrew Gilleran1:46 pm — Why poor training is killing your intranet (and how to fix it)Andrew Gilleran
On many intranet projects, training for both content owners and end users is left right to the end. Improve training to get your intranet users and content owners motoring. ( 7 mins.)

Nicole Carter1:54 pm — Future Saltire – better intranet, better businessNicole Carter and Dave Hall of the Scottish Government
The Scottish Government’s ambitious project to redesign its intranet, Saltire, into a place to work more efficiently, connect, and collaborate – a digital workplace.

The Future Saltire project is transforming the SG intranet by focusing on user need – helping people get the right information and carry out everyday tasks more efficiently.

Dave HallThe new digital workplace platform will embed the principle of ‘working out loud’, nurturing dialogue, community and collaboration and helping Scottish Government staff to build connections with each other. ( 12 mins.)

Sasha de Speville2:06 pm — Why effective Internal Communications is business critical —  Sasha de Speville of EasySharePoint
The role of internal communications has evolved into a key business function. How the latest technology help internal communications work to best effect. ( 7 mins.)

Kate Cardenas2:14 pm — Planning and delivering your intranet implementation – A Project Manager perspectiveKate Cardenas
Internal communications and user engagement are vital to the successful adoption of any intranet deployment. However, you also need a roadmap and a toolkit to help keep the project on track so that the intended business value is delivered. ( 7 mins.)

Mossy O'Mahony2:22 pm — Getting past ‘so what’ metrics like page views and visits to show the business impact of intranetsMossy O’Mahony of Newsweaver
Why is measuring business impact of Intranets, ESNs so far behind external systems like marketing & e-commerce websites? Marketers have become very adept at using analytics to show business value and impact, yet intranet managers & and internal communicators have not. Why is this? ( 7 mins.)

Sam Marshall2:30 pm — Hubs, hives, and hangoutsSam Marshall of ClearBox
How to address the elusive ‘What to use when?’ question for your digital workplace by thinking about working styles. ( 7 mins.)

Diane Murgatroyd2:38 pm — Launching a social intranet: challenges and opportunitiesDiane Murgatroyd and Bettina Hasan of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
The FCO is the UK government department responsible for protecting and promoting British interests around the world. It has a Bettina Hasannetwork of 270 diplomatic posts in 160 countries and 14,000 staff worldwide. Diane and Bettina will talk about the challenges of making a impact with a social intranet implemented in 160 countries. ( 10 mins.)

Rachel Miller

2:48 pm — How to partner and work with your CIORachel Miller with Ed Garcez
We know the importance of working together with colleagues across the business to launch an intranet. But what do CIOs need from Comms and how can you work together effectively? In this session Rachel Miller, Founder of AllEd Garcez Things IC will be talking with Ed Garcez, Tri-borough Chief Information Officer for the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster City Council. They’ll be talking about a project they worked on to consolidate and align three intranets across the councils, plus sharing advice to help you achieve communication excellence. ( 12 mins.)

CakeAfternoon cake break

3:00 pm — Break (30 minutes).

CafeWorld Café and workshops – new for 2016

Wedge and Brian3:30 pm — Wedge introduces Chris Elmit to explain the table discussions, and the zone themes. Brian explains the workshops. (5 mins.)

Each speaker facilitates a conversation at a table in the main hall. It’s a ‘World Café‘, meaning it’s about informal dialogue (not monologue).

The hall is zoned into four themes: business value [blue], designed for the user [cream], employee productivity [pink], and improving intranets [lavendar].

WorkshopCafe1st workshop slot (25 mins), or two table sessions

3:35 pm — Head to the table or zone you want, or attend the workshop that you registered for this morning.

3:48pm — Move and sit at another table. Review the notes on the tabelcloth and add to them.

WorkshopCafe2nd workshop slot (25 mins), or two table sessions

4:05 pm — Head to the table or zone you want, or attend the workshop that you registered for this morning.

4:17 pm — Move and sit at another table. Review the notes on the tabelcloth and add to them.


Recap and review table sessions

4:30 pm — Chris Elmitt asks you to sit at a table and summarise the findings of that table using the iPad provided.

4:45 pm — The debrief – Brian and Wedge look at the summaries with selected table members.

Wedge and Brian4:52 pm — Brian and Wedge.

4:56 pm — One last thing…

Wine5:03 pm — Drinks and big nibbles at the Digital Workplace Group after party.

Trophy icon by Edward Boatman; workshop icon by Takao Umehara; cake icon by Edward Boatman; strawberry icon by Creative Stall; buffet icon by Krisada; Cafe seating by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project.