WM Reply.

WM Reply sponsoring Intranet Now 2017

We couldn’t put on such a large event without the support of the intranet industry and we’re grateful that our fourth conference has the support of industry heavyweights and in-house practitioners alike.

Everyone involved contributes their experience and expertise to create a day for connection and conversation.

I was just speaking with Richard Acreman, partner and founder of WM Reply, about his lightning talk at Intranet Now. Richard will share 18 tips in 9 minutes – each learnt from experience with clients. Some ‘thought leaders’ dress up opinion and theory as ‘best practice’, so it will be great to hear Richard’s genuine, real-world, practical guidance.

Be sure to see Richard after his talk on his table during the World Café, or find the WM Reply stand in the exhibition foyer. They don’t have a sales team, as they rely on good relationships and recommendations.

WM Reply is a digital consultancy specialising in Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. ​​They build intranets, websites, social networks, and document management solutions to create digital workspace. Beyond the tech, WM Reply work with clients to engage employees and ensure business change happens in a tangible manner. Ideal for our conference theme of ‘What works now’.

WM Reply came on board as sponsors quite some time ago, so please forgive our tardy announcement.

The conference is just about locked down, and Brian and I are just judging the Diamond Award nominees, confirming the DJ, and working out how to use 90 helium balloons.

We’ve 21 speakers from the digital worlds of intranet and employee communications, and we expect to welcome over 200 digital workplace professionals to our brand new venue. Be sure to grab your ticket now – Team Rate tickets offer the very best value, so bring your teammates and manager along.

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