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SmallWorlders is a gold sponsor of Intranet Now again

It’s no surprise that SmallWorlders is sponsoring our conference – this is our third year with them!

Kevin CodyBrian and I are very grateful that Kevin Cody and the team are on-board again this year – it kinda validates what we’re trying to do for the ‘intranet community’ (however you define it). Hopefully, what we create is of proper value to everyone involved.

But more than this, Kevin himself always gets high scores for his presentations from the audience. This is a rare thing for a vendor! When you think that sponsors are up alongside in-house practitioners from GSK, Skanska, Unicef, and Tarmac, it’s not easy to stand out as a speaker. As you might know, we treat our sponsors pretty much as we treat our guest speakers – everyone gets 7 minutes on stage to share a digital nugget – although I think we gave sponsors more chocolate last year!

So you will want to attend to Kevin’s presentation, and make sure you find him during the ‘World Café’ table discussions (or participate in his afternoon workshop). Kevin isn’t just interested in the intranet as a platform (although SmallWorlders know a thing or two about technology) but he’s also deeply involved with what people do – engagement and outcomes.

The theme of our conference is ‘business impact’ and Kevin’s certain to share some evidence-based guidance on getting the most from your intranet, and your people.

We attend lots of intranet conferences. And you often see the same faces. As you’d expect as they are deservedly renowned experts. IntranetNow is a little different though. Joining these intranet superstars are practitioners: people who are willing to share their “warts and all” experience of building and managing their organisation’s intranet. SmallWorlders are delighted to be sponsoring a conference that gives equal weight to practitioners and superstars.” – Kevin Cody, SmallWorlders, Managing Director

This is where I remind you that tickets are available at an incredible price – really, check out the venue and then see how much we want to charge you for a ticket. I know, right? This is thanks to the generous involvement of our sponsors. So don’t delay, talk to your colleagues and drag your manager along too. Join 200 digital workplace professionals in London.

For the sake of my stress levels, please get your ticket early. Tweet me if you’d like to check on my stress levels.

Kevin Cody

Intranet Now conference

A conversational conference about intranets and the digital workplace that is:

  • About the Intranet NOW – practical case studies, real experts, and advice;
  • Serious about how the intranet serves its organisation;
  • Concerned with engagement, collaboration, and communication;
  • Not dominated by any one technology but illuminated by examples of good practice from many;
  • A place to learn from others (sharing mistakes as well as successes);
  • Curious and open to new ideas with room for experimental and left field ideas.

and has a good lunch, good wifi, and no dress code.

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