A simple World Café for conversation

This year’s World Café will be a simple affair; the only objective is to make sure everyone talks and is heard!

In the late afternoon, once all the presensations are over, we’ll ask everyone to move around the hall and find a seat so that every table has five people (maximum).

There will be three sessions, so you might well end up moving twice. The idea is to talk to new people, and share your experience of the day.

In each of the three sessions, the starting point is the same: “Share a key lesson from the conference that you’ll take back to the office”.

After that, there are no additional rules, aside from the need for everyone to speak and everyone to actively listen. Conversation will then flow, but the intent is to ensure that everyone contributes and nobody dominates.

We ask speakers to remain seated at the table, allowing other people to find them more easily.

There will not be an official coffee break during the World Café, as you’re free to caffeinate yourself at any time.