Conference workshops

In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experts in a workshop setting, sequestered away in quiet rooms directly off the main hall.

The 20 minute workshops will give you deeper insights into the topics brought up in the morning talks, and allow you to discuss your comms, engagement, and intranet management challenges.

We expect our workshop leads to present the latest tools, techniques, and practices for comms and intranet pros, and to involve you in conversation. (No ‘pitches’, but workshops may include a ‘demo’ aspect.)

How workshops will work on the day

There will be five to seven workshops and you will only attend one, unless demand forces us to repeat a workshop.

You get to choose your workshop at the registration desk (8:30am) on the day (with the caveat that some workshops may fill up fast).

The workshops are scheduled during the ‘World Café’ part of the afternoon – when the morning’s speakers will host informal discussions over tea and coffee at small tables.

workshop sketch

Worshops schedule

3:35 pm – Room 1 – SharePoint surgery for the non-technical

3:35 pm – Room 3 – Design an intranet, now! Requirements gathering and prototyping

3:35 pm – Room 5 – Accessibility tools and tests

4:05 pm – Room 1 – An intranet is for life, not just for launch day

4:05 pm – Room 3 – Change the colours and slap on the logo; challenging the view of intranets as software projects

4:05 pm – Room 4 – Designing engaging intranets

4:05 pm – Room 5 – Measuring all of your key digital channels in one place for maximum insight