Best value learning day for intranet and comms teams

Last year, the median annual learning and development budget (UK) per employee was £286 (CIPD Annual report on training and development 2014 [PDF; 1.2MB]) this year’s CIPD report (PDF; 821 KB) shows the the median figure was down to £250 in 2015. Intranet Now continues to offer best value learning and development for intranet and comms professionals with our standard ticket priced at just £150.00.

CIPD conclude this year’s report saying “The application of learning to business objectives is still a big gap – the challenge is that we continue to invest in learning initiatives without always knowing how they connect back to people’s everyday roles.” Our conference theme, business impact, could not be more apt in terms of meeting this challenge. We have over 20 seasoned professional practitioners and experts on stage, all focussed on how comms and intranet professionals can make business impact.

The design of this year’s event allows you to build your own learning programme. After the presentations in the morning and early afternoon, you choose which of the experts to talk to during our world cafe when you can pick up on any of the topics from the morning’s talks. In addition, you can take a deeper look at a specific business impact topic (from a choice of five) at an expert led, workshop session.

All together, we think Intranet Now offers intranet and comms teams the most learning bangs for their bucks in London this year. Learning is priceless but conferences have a cost, choose wisely what you spend those precious development pounds on.

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