Intranet Now 2016 - the conference for comms and intranet people

Benefits of attending Intranet Now

Attending a great conference will reward you long after you’ve returned to the office. But if you’re still undecided about whether or not to attend Intranet Now, here are some of the key benefits of attending that will provide value to you and your company way beyond the (low) price of a ticket.

So much of what you learn, you learn from others. So the more you hear from others, the greater your own knowledge base becomes.

Intranet Now provides a plethora of speakers giving seven minute lightning talks throughout the morning, providing a perfect opportunity for you to increase your knowledge from industry experts and in-house practitioners.

Enhance your skills. Enrich your knowledge

Intranet Now isn’t all about the presentations – we provide a semi-structured space for true dialogue in the afternoon. Our World Café will enable you to choose table discussions with the speakers who most fit your particular areas of interest.

Our short workshops (you choose the most relevant one) aim to enhance your practical skills and get you talking about your collaboration and UX / tech challenges.

The table discussions and workshops provide a rich personal experience, consolidating your understanding and hopefully giving you a strong reasons to make changes when you return to the office.

Be motivated. Be inspired

Intranet Now 2016

  • London – see our venue
  • Friday 30th September – with an after party (so plan to stay late)
  • In-house practioner speakers and industry experts
  • Short, sharp lightning talks and two keynotes
  • Buffet / sit-down dinner
  • Initimate ‘table discussions‘ with our speakers
  • Small, short, useful workshops
  • Friendly, approachable, tweetable, knowledgeable, people.

A good conference will challenge your way of thinking and offer new ideas. By sharing expertise, and the successes and failures of real scenarios, Intranet Now will inspire you to develop your ideas. And with actionable advice to motivate you, you can return to your company with new energy and confidence.


The value of forming a network of colleagues in your field cannot be overstated. The challenges you face in your job are often industry or role specific, and the insights of a group of professional contacts can be a huge benefit to you and your company.

Some of the top experts in your field will be at Intranet Now. Most of them will be in-house practitioners, sharing their work. The opportunity to pick their brains in a real-life face-to-face setting offers benefits that can never be achieved through LinkedIn.

Who knows where the connections you make at Intranet Now will take you and your company, so don’t forget to bring business cards.


Whether you come alone or with a colleague, you should enjoy coffee and lunch with others. Don’t let yourself miss out on great conversation – talk to Brian or Wedge if you’d like a chat or to be introduced to others.


Technology never stands still, and if you want to keep up with innovations and trends, then it’s essential that you’re aware of the latest techniques and newest technology.

Your fellow delegates and our Intranet Now speakers all have the potential to give you insight into what’s new, what’s fresh, what’s coming next. And the exhibition stands will give showcase the latest tools and systems that could make a crucial difference to the success of your company.

Problem solving

All companies, even the most successful, have problems and areas that need improving. When it comes to such issues, the benefits of attending a conference like Intranet Now are twofold. It gives you an opportunity to learn about problems others have faced, and to avoid such pitfalls yourself. Attendance also provides you with an opportunity to seek out solutions for your own problems and those of your company.

Impact the future

When you return to work, armed with pages of written notes, a thousand tweets, the contact details of fellow industry professionals, a variety of innovative tools to consider, and a head full of new knowledge and fresh ideas, your conference experience will influence your work, but that of your colleagues’ as you share new ways of working and good practices.


As with all conferences, there is a cost to an individual and / or company for attendance, both financial cost and time cost. Value is essential.

Intranet Now’s delegate fees are kept low in order to make the conference accessible to as many people as possible, and we work hard to ensure that the conference content provides excellent value for money. Take a look at our ticket prices and talk to your colleagues about coming along too on ‘Team Rate’ tickets.

We are confident that the hours you are away from the office will be more than recompensed by the unrivalled opportunities to improve your digital workplace and develop your skills.

Intranet Now 2016

Our conference, now in its third year, is about the business impact of intranets within the digital workplace. Intranet Now is about collaboration, communication, and people.

Intranet Now 2016 is held in London, at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel conference centre, on Friday the 30th September, and is:

  • About the Intranet NOW – practical case studies, real experts, and advice;
  • Serious about how the intranet serves its organisation;
  • Concerned with engagement, collaboration, and communication;
  • Not dominated by any one technology but illuminated by examples of good practice from many;
  • A place to learn from others (sharing mistakes as well as successes);
  • Curious and open to new ideas with room for experimental and left field ideas.

Take a look at our speakers – you’ll see in-house practitioners from organisations just like yours.

Intranet Now is for everyone involved with digital and engagement within the enterprise – HR professionals, communicators, Knowledge Managers, Information Security managers, collaboration experts, and of course intranet managers of every persuasion.

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