Intranet Now - at the centre of people who hate and love the intranet.

At its core, Intranet Now is about what’s working now within organisations, considering the evolving digital workplace, the intranet platform, the digital comms and engagement activities, and maybe even productivity.

This year, the biggest change is that Lisa Riemers has joined me as a company director and conference co-organiser. A big deal for me, and I’m sure you’ll feel Lisa’s influence throughout the event too.

Intranet Now is an opportunity to meet others who are concerned with how people get on with digital tools and work within and for the organisation. It’s a day of inspiration and conversation, for people who ‘do’ intranets, comms, apps, collaboration, knowledge management, and all the multifarious moving parts that make up the digital workplace. This year’s theme is ‘the employee experience throughout the digital workplace’ and, after polling the community, we’ve identified six sub-topics.

We continue to put two-dozen people on the stage – we have one hall and we don’t split the audience into ‘streams’. It’s a fast-paced day; each lightning talk lasts 9 minutes, which is just enough time to layout the problem and the solution. We have a number of first-time speakers, infamous consultants, and of course, in-house practitioners from well-known companies, organisations, and charities.

We’re still certain that the afternoon should be more interactive – Intranet Now isn’t about being lectured at, it’s about participating.

You’ll likely take part in two ‘table talks’, led by speakers and experts, allowing you to ask deeper questions and share your own experience. Just as you’ll connect with peers during the breaks, so too the table talks help you build relationships. Please swap Twitter and LinkedIn details. Join our LinkedIn Group now so that you can e-meet people ahead of the event!

What’s quite different this year is that we’re putting on a choice of workshops and you’ll likely attend only one, for a good 40-minute in-depth session. We’ve experimented with ‘lightning workshops’ in the past, but this year we think it’s best to give you an unhurried experience and allow you to get stuck into a topic.

We’ll publish workshop details on our website and in our newsletter, but the workshop leaders will pitch their topic to you on the day, and you’ll be able to register there and then. Some people may not get their first choice, so be sure to register (on the day) as soon as you’ve decided.

After the success of last year’s little panel, we’re putting on two! While the morning and afternoon panels will undoubtedly reflect on the topics of the day, we’re designing each panel discussion to have a different slant and energy.

What else is new? Well, the venue. As a peripatetic conference, we always mean to find a space that lends itself to our sit-down / stand-up format, plus we’ve listened to your feedback about food, seeing the screen, and natural light. The America Square conference centre offers an intimate main hall, separate workshop rooms, and a lovely buffet dining space. As well as a sliver of natural light (and easy access to the street) London’s Roman wall actually intersects the space! It’ll be great for selfies.

So that’s the day. We’re working to build a fantastic and balanced agenda, and we’re thinking about the after party too. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates (if you haven’t already).

As I always say, Intranet Now is by the community, for the community. You may not know you’re part of the community but if you come along in October you’ll surely find your peers. Lisa and I are comms and intranet people, and we organise Intranet Now because real-life events are so important for those of us enmeshed in the digital world. Get away from your screen and give yourself the opportunity for creative thinking. Grab a ticket or some team tickets and be part of the Venn diagram of communities that come together each year.

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