The employee experience throughout the digital workplace.

Introducing our 2018 theme – employee experience

In what might not shock anyone, the theme of this year’s Intranet Now conference, as voted by (perhaps you!) and our comms and intranet community, is employee experience.

Employee experience is much more than a pleasant on-boarding process and an easy-to-use intranet. It’s about recognising an individual’s experience of the company, and how culture is shaped by how they are treated by colleagues and the systems. We must, therefore, deliver useful, usable systems and digital tools and improve them in response to research.

The employee experience throughout the digital workplace

We ran a poll to hear what’s hot, and what’s not, and got some great insights which will guide the agenda. The topics likely to be covered on the day are:

  • Reaching front-line employees – a no-brainer for those working in organisations with lots of front-line people
  • Driving user adoption – how do you get people on board?
  • Channels, apps, and automation – catering for different audiences with your channel mix, and making the technology work for the people
  • The practices, the processes – how do other teams do it?
  • Doing more with less, and cutting through the noise – with so many channels, how do you prioritise?
  • Accessibility and inclusion – making the employee experience work for everyone is a key theme of the day.

We’re delighted to be working our way through some wonderful speaker submissions and we’re accepting pitches throughout the summer. Think about how you’re working to deliver a better digital experience, and then pitch your idea to us.

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