For reasons...

There are plenty of reasons to attend our summer Intranet Now conference. Step out of the office to hear about what works (and what doesn’t!). Hear from people who understand what you’re going through and can offer hope, and perhaps inspiration – or reassurance you’re already doing the right things. And if that’s not enough, here’s what to tell your colleagues about:


Check out the agenda and see how we’re tackling the right problems. Topics include employee engagement, user-journeys, on-boarding, content targeting, governance, Yammer and other platforms – the whole gamut of digital workplace concerns really.


Everyone is an expert by experience of course, but we’ve got senior communicators from Kellogg and Monster showcasing their strategic and tactical work. Not to mention the odd infamous consultant, and digital-types from South Wales Police, Halfords, Standard Life, Scottish Government, and the FSB. All showing their real work. Intranet Now always champions practitioners, and always focuses on what works now.

Monster. Halfords. FSB. Kellogg's. Skane. Scottish Gov.


Tanya Burak speaking
Tanya Burak at Intranet Now 2018.

While we’re sure Office 365 will be mentioned, Intranet Now is not all about Microsoft! There’s a real mix of tech solutions and platforms, and so you’ll get to steal ideas that you can implement your way within your digital workplace, regardless of your intranet platform.

Mixed learning

Intranet Now is built around lots of 9-minute lightning talks, but we break up the day to provide a different pace of learning and involvement.

Invotra lead a workshop.
A workshop in a break-out room.

The workshop will enable you to get deep into a topic of your choice, and the table talks let you share your concerns and experience with peers in an informal setting.

Plus nobody is an ‘attendee’, everyone is a participant! We invite you to share your ‘hot take’ during one of the SNAQ sessions.

The afternoon debate will help you reconsider the age-old question of just how to create a new intranet. From scratch? With a ready-to-go product?

Debate: Best way to create an intranet. Chris Sutter. Sharon O'Dea. Allan Tanner.
Ultra-sharp presentations and debate.

Easy networking

Our conference, hand-crafted as it is by Lisa and me, is a particularly friendly affair. The table talks, roving mic, and the whole format of the day are designed to make it easier to have a chat with strangers, or acquaintances you’ve seen at previous events or online. There’s also space to step away to reflect if you need to!

And we’re providing stickers to help you break the ice – so don’t forget to choose your sticker (choice of five) when you arrive.

Select your sticker upon arrival.

Semi-structured structure

We’ve built the day to faciliate conversation and reflection. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to contribute, challenge, and (re)consider. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to the day (great photos).


Before you leap, take a look at the Team Rate tickets and think about bringing a colleague. Need your manager to be more onboard with your digital thinking? Immerse them at Intranet Now.

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