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What’s the best way to build an intranet anyway?

At our summer Intranet Now conference we’ll be asking (and answering) this question and more in our afternoon plenary session.

Do you say yass to SaaS products? Do you build and manage your intranet in-house? Get outside support? Or something in-between?

The answer to all difficult questions around tech is usually “it depends”. But one of the biggest challenges many (if not all) comms and intranet people face is about the best way to create and maintain a sustainable intranet that’s right for their organisation.

We’ll be wrapping up the day on Friday 7 June with a session where you can hear from three intranet pros and join the debate! Conversations will likely continue in the bar, afterwards…

Who’s involved

You, dear reader. And up on stage, you’ll hear from three lovely (occasionally) opinionated people, namely:

  1. Chris Sutter. A tech architect and advocate for building and maintaining in-house teams to create an intranet that works for the org
  2. Sharon O’Dea. A seasoned digital whizz who believes no-one needs to build their own when you can buy what you need off the shelf
  3. Allan Tanner. An in-house digital manager who wrangles a wide range of technologies across the digital workplace.
Chris Sutter. Sharon O'Dea. Allan Tanner.

What you can expect

You’ll hear a super-quick 4 minute lightning talk from each of these intranet pros, with their point of view on the best way to do intranets.

It’s not quite a panel or a fireside chat, but more like you’re hearing the perspectives of some really talented practitioners (who I also happen to like and know are Very Good at Their Jobs).

Imagine it’s like a debate club, but less, well, dreadful.

Then you’ll get to ask our speakers (and everyone in the room) questions.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The fact that you’re here means you’re already interested in comms and intranet stuff, so get involved. Anyway, if you’ve not yet gotten your ticket, what are you thinking? Get your tickets right away!

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