Nominations are open for the Intranet Now Diamond Award

The Intranet Now Diamond Award is unique among intranet awards, as it is awarded to an individual for their remarkable contribution to the community at large. While other prestigious awards focus on intranet design, innovation, or indeed, on teams working on internal projects, the Diamond Award is for an individual who shares their experience freely with the world, for the benefit of us all.

Martin White and Intranet Now awardLast year’s winner, Martin White, epitomises the generous spirit and sheer productivity that we are looking for. Author, consultant, frequent blogger and commentator, Martin knows how to offer a word to the wise.

If you would like to nominate someone, and help Brian and me put together our long-list, please keep in mind that the winner will be someone who is reasonably well-known in the UK, and will have racked up considerable years as a speaker or some kind of writer (think books, think blogs, think white papers).

Social network use does matter; while some luminaries only write books, we’re looking for somone who participates with the intranet community in an active sense.

To nominate someone, please tweet Brian or me, email us, or add a comment in the Google+ thread (below).

The massive diamond will be presented to the winner in London, at the Intranet Now conference, on the 13th October, 2015.

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