Conference theme — What works now

A lot of ‘thought leaders’ keep telling us about the future, and how work will be transformed by technology, new business models, and the next generation of employees.

While it’s good to be prepared, all that talk about the possible future doesn’t help you tackle the problems your organisation faces in the here and now.

When much of our work is encased within the firewall, it’s difficult to know what other organisations are doing with their comms channels and intranets to improve employee experience and business outcomes.

At our Intranet Now conference, you’ll see what organisations are literally doing right now with their digital channels. You’ll get to see how other comms managers and intranet managers tackle the challenges that we all face when it comes to reaching employees, delivering digital improvements, and supporting strategic business goals.

We focus on practical real-world matters. Our speakers are experienced practitioners and will share their current work on stage. The day is full of inspiration and conversation; you’ll return to work with new ideas to revitalise your intranet now.

Our theme is ‘what works now’ – and our lightning talks will showcase the actual work our speakers are doing right now, showing what works well and why.

For example, Alan Tanner will show how Standard Life restructured their information architecture after the launch of their new intranet.

Helen Lippell will probably take this theme further, as she delves into taxonomy and search.

We’re fortunate to have Scott McArthur on stage. You probably know him better then me, he speaks at a lot at business events around the world. Scott’s going to focus on how hard communication really is – and no, empathy is not going to be the solution!

But Intranet Now isn’t all about the speakers, it’s all about you. The talks finish in the afternoon, and the talking starts. After maybe 20 lightning talks, you’ll have dozens of ideas to take back to the office, but which ideas will help you most? During the afternoon’s World Café we’ll ask you to share the best ‘takeaways’ with your tablemates, in free-flowing conversation. You’ll be able to wander from table to table if you want to find a particular speaker; the World Café is an opportunity to connect with your peers and discuss your own digital challenges.

Tickets are on sale now, and our Team Rate tickets are amazing value. Even if you’re the lone intranet manager, bring your comms colleagues from across your organisation.

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