Newsweaver has attended both of our previous Intranet Now conferences, and this year it’s great to be able to announce them as Gold sponsors.

Newsweaver is a leading communications software company with a long track record of helping internal communicators use email effectively. With over 9.8 million employees receiving Newsweaver emails each week they have learnt a thing or two about effective communications.

Newsweaver’s latest innovative product connects directly with the theme of this year’s conference; business impact. We look forward to a stimulating talk and workshop about measuring the business value of intranets and ESNs.

“We are going to address a few fundamental questions about how communicators measure their impact, like – why is measuring business impact of intranets and ESNs so far behind external systems like marketing and e-commerce websites? We look forward to some great conversations with participants and hopefully we’ll provide a few answers to how you can measure business impact in our workshop.” Mossy O’Mahony, VP of Product, Newsweaver

Our sponsors are an essential part of our community, without them, no conference – it’s as simple as that. Newsweaver has a long-term commitment to the internal comms and intranet community and just like everyone else on the day they will join in the debates, conversations, and learning.

Join 200 digital workplace professionals at Intranet Now at the end of September – with 28 presentations (and over a dozen in-house practitioners on stage), you’re sure to learn a lot about what other companies are doing with their intranets and digital comms.

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