What’s working now? Highlights from IntraTeam’s digital workplace survey

Kurt Kragh Sørensen,  intranet/digital workplace consultant and owner of IntraTeam will talk at IntranetNow on October 5, 2017 about “What’s working – Results and insights from benchmarking 186 intranets  using IntraTeam’s digital workplace survey, showing how to get more value from your intranet and tools”.

IntraTeam has done surveys about intranets since 2001 and benchmarked intranet/digital workplaces since 2005. Now they have combined it all in an Intranet/Digital Workplace Self-Assessment Benchmark that has 299 questions divided into 19 categories:

  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Internal Social Media
  • Integrations
  • Governance
  • Management Engagement & Support
  • Mobile
  • Apps
  • Search
  • Staff Directory
  • Usability
  • Navigation
  • Analytics
  • Language
  • Content
  • Collaboration
  • HR
  • Homepage
  • ROI.

All participants get an overall score and a ‘spiderweb’ that compares each participant’s score in each category with the best in each category.

Highlights from the survey

193 mostly Danish organizations participated in the benchmark survey to date; 55 participants come from 9 other countries. The average organization have almost 12,000 employees. Some of the key findings are very revealing:

  • The overall average benchmark score out of 100% was 21%
  • The best scores were 55-60%
  • Only 4% have a detailed intranet strategy (nearly 50% have no strategy at all)
  • More than half resources (funding) for the intranet will remain unchanged this year; about 30% say they will see an increase in resources
  • On average, the organizations have 1.1 full-time employees working in the intranet/digital workplace team per thousand.
  • Almost half of the respondents use internal social media internally but only one in five of these say that it works well and one in seven say it doesn’t work at all.
  • Nearly 50% have a mobile or responsive intranet (or app). One in five say these work well and one in seven say it doesn’t work at all. 93% of these have mobile access to internal news
  • One third use microblogging e.g. Yammer and 69% of these use Yammer; 10% use Slack
  • One in six have have an app for collaboration e.g. Yammer and one third of these say it works well. Almost nobody says it doesn’t work (3%)
  • 63% use SharePoint or Office 365 in some shape or form
  • 46% of the respondents say that their users see the intranet as their primary source for news and information
  • 56% allow user commenting in news stories and four out of 10 of these say that it works well. Only 7% say it doesn’t work.
  • Seven out of 10 claim to have intranets that deliver information that can be personalized by business unit, department and/or location. Three out of 10 of these say it works well.

105 of the 193 have had their intranet/digital workplace benchmarked in the self-assessment tool. “With a few exceptions, most have enjoyed answering the process answering the additional 200 questions” says Kurt Kragh Sørensen.

“The IntraTeam Self-Assessment Benchmark has a lot of very valuable and detailed questions. The assessment result gives you an insight into how your organization exploits the potential of a Digital Workplace,” says Thomas Maeder, Senior Digital Experience Manager, Swisscom.

The intranet/digital workplace survey/benchmark is available to organizations across the planet. If you wish to participate in the survey (the first part requires 10-20 minutes) then you will receive the survey results for free. If you participate in the full benchmark study (which requires 30-40 minutes), you get an overall score and the spider web graph (like the one below) showing how good you are in the 19 categories compared to the best in each category. Kurt recommends that you answer the benchmark with the whole team but then should be prepared to use more time depending on the time used for fruitful discussions. Two hours is a good estimate.

Example of the spiderweb that compares each participant’s score in each of the 19 categories.

More advanced reports and segmenting can be done by industry and organization size, for a fee. If you’d like to benchmark your intranet versus these organizations and all other participants  you can meet Kurt after his talk  at our World Cafe or write to Info@IntraTeam.dk or for visit the IntraTeam website.

Kurt will talk about the results and their meaning to digital teams at our conference in London, on the 5th of October.

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