Award winning diamond set of intranet practitioners

Our Diamond Award had a stellar shortlist this year and when we talked with previous winners, Sam Marshall and Martin White they shared our view that this year we would need an extra diamond.

First off James Robertson got a special award for his consistent erudite thoughts on intranets and the sharing of them online and in real life. Just about everyone in the intranet world acknowledges his contribution and we were delighted to be able to give him a special diamond at the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards Live event in London.

James Robertson and Wedge

But we were not finished;  we wanted to give this year’s diamond to practitioners – those who work in organisations, managing, editing, writing for and supporting intranets but who still find the time to write and share online with the wider community. It was a short step from this idea to selecting Intranetizien as our collective award winners.

Dana Leeson, Luke Mepham, Jonathan Phillips, and Sharon O’Dea are all very much still involved in their respective digital workplaces but find time to maintain the Intranetizen blogsite as one of the go to places for best practice, stimulating debate, and news about intranets. When Wedge founded Intranet Now and I joined him to try and make it happen we both agreed that the conference would be all about learning from others’ real experience. Intranetizen embodies this approach in their continued flow of useful articles and resources.

Hopefully, winning the diamond award will give them a small boost to keep finding the time and energy to provide us all with a great resource. Lately they have been very much encouraging other intranet folk to submit ideas for publication and it’s our hope that their example will inspire people to publish more and share more.