Kirsty McEnvoy

Kirsty McEvoy

Internal Communication Executive, Affinity Water

Kirsty is an Internal Communications Exec for Affinity Water - the largest water-only supplier in the UK, delivering on average 900 million litres of high quality drinking water each day to more than 3.6 million customers in the south east of England.

Kirsty along with her team are responsible for delivering internal communications across the company to 1,400 employees, understanding the company’s vision and priorities to make sure that all messages and engagement are in line with both and that communications are personal, relevant and engaging. Recently Kirsty implemented a new monthly Team Leader briefing, to support managers to brief their teams on key company information and priorities (which she is talking about today). She is also project managing and leading an external campaign #WhyNotWater – asking government to change some simple legislation. Previously Kirsty has worked in Digital Engagement, Bill and Communication Design and has been a Project Manager, back in 2010 Kirsty implemented the very first employee focused SharePoint intranet at Affinity Water.

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