A photo essay of the 2016 Intranet Now conference

A photo essay of the 2016 Intranet Now conference

Take a look at some of the photo highlights that kinda show the narrative of the day – preparation, lightning talks, lunch, table discussions, and workshops.

All the photos are on Flickr. All photos taken by Antonio Salgado of Capturise.

See the agenda to remind you about the speakers. See all the presentations too.

Hand shake
John Scott
Martin White
James Dellow
Keri Harrowven
Kevin Cody
Calum Haswell
Neil Morgan
Hanna Karppi
Neil Morgan
John BK
Rebecca W
Andrew Hesselden
Julian Morency
Jenni Field
Alex Skinner
Phil Mennie
Kevin Austin
Ann-Marie Peacock
Paul Zimmerman
Sleep masks
Ernst Decsey
Andrew Gilleran
Nicole Carter
Dave Hall
Sasha de Speville
Kate Cardenas
Mossy O'Mahoney
Sam Marshall
Bettina Hasan
Diane Murgatroyd
Rachel Miller
Ed Garcez
World Cafe
World Cafe
Table session

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I founded the Intranet Now conference in 2014, with just a few tweets. I'm an intranet consultant, I care deeply about communications, and I tweet a lot.

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