Conference 2016

Intranet Now 2016 was on Friday 30th Sept, and Brian and I are very pleased with how things went (in general) and with the effort everyone made. We have lots of people to thank for making it a smashing day of learning and conversation.

Thank you to everyone who trusted us to make it a worthwhile day. Every attendee was really a participant. If you came, your contribution was very much appreciated. Thank you for joining us. Further, thank you for your formal feedback (via the forms) and your informal guidance (maybe in the pub).

There are things we can improve for next year; in general, many of you told us that you were happy with every part of the day, but mentioned that the screens should have been bigger and more vibrant / clear. Some of you did not have a good time during the World Cafe or the workshops, but many of you remarked that they were valuable parts of the day; some said they were “great”. A couple of you suggested we improve our logo and website, but several of you said you liked the tone of our website. While some presentations may have felt “rushed”, we were overwhelming told that the short lightning talks was a brilliant format. Several positive comments about our low ticket price.


Great thanks to our sponsors, who invested in our endeavour and so invested in our intranet community (however one defines it).

Thank you to our platinum sponsors, to Content Formula and to Invotra, for your commitment and support.

Content Formula

Thank you to our gold sponsors, Twine, SmallWorlders, EasySharePoint, Pixl8, and Newsweaver, for your direct contribution to our success.

Gold sponsors 2016

Thank you to our many, many speakers. Delivering a seven minute lightning talk is unlike any other kind of presentation, and you looked and sounded good on stage, providing insight and direct guidance to our experienced audience.

Speakers 2016

Thank you to our volunteers, who made the day run as well as it did. Intranet Now, as a company, is only run by Brian and me, but the conference takes many more hands. Thank you for being a part of our success.

Volunteers 2016

Thank you to Chris Elmitt for facilitating the World Café in the late afternoon, and for shouting so that we didn’t have to.

Chris Elmitt
Martin White

Thank you to Martin White and Sam Marshall for being part of the alumni and helping us select this year’s winners of the Diamond Award (for remarkable contribution to the intranet community).

Sam Marshall

Of course we’re grateful to the professionals and venue staff who made sure so much got done on the day.

It’s hard to summarise such a day, but Martin White was the first to blog.

Followed by Robert Browton.

Lisa Riemers, now of Invotra, has written up the day and shared Paul Zimmerman’s keynote.

John Baptiste-Kelly has blogged a nice run-down of the day.

Simon Thompson has reviewed every presentation in remarkable detail.

John Scott’s keynote is now online as a video and a written narrative.

Dana Leeson has written up Intranetizen’s award, and reviewed the take-aways from the conference.

Dan Hawtrey has logged his best tweets of the day.

Robert McWhirter has explored the lessons of his top three presentations of the day.

Simon Thompson has reviewed every presentation, and written a valuable aide-mémoire.

John Scott’s opening keynote is not online as a video and written narrative.

All the photos are on Flickr, if you’d like to use any in your blog or other materials, just tweet us on @IntranetNow for permission.

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