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Intranet Now is an independent, technology agnostic, intranet conference for comms and collaboration people.

The conference is run by Brian and Wedge – two intranet consultants who met on Twitter, and do their own thing, but come together to create Intranet Now in London every year.

While other UK conference attract 100 attendees, Intranet Now has slowly grown since 2014, and we welcome over 200 participants.

Thursday, 5th October 2017

Hilton Bankside, 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0UG


To look after so many people, we’ve moved venues to south of the river, near the Tate gallery – to the Hilton Bankside. The conference hall is massive, and we have two foyers for registration and the sponsor exhibition. It’s all very new, purpose built, and with great access.

We are now in talks with potential platinum sponsors, and we would welcome enquiries from vendors and agencies about our gold sponsorship opportunities.

Flashes of insight and great conversation

This is a big event, and we literally cannot pull it all together without sponsors’ support. We are genuinely pleased to put every sponsor on stage, because we understand that our industry (how ever you define it) is about expertise, experience, and knowledge sharing. Our industry is an ecosystem, involving technology, culture, in-house practitioners, and consultants. The Intranet Now conference is a rich plexus of experience, and as Brian always says, is about flashes of insight and the chance for valuable conversation.

It’s the conversation element of our conference that makes everyone a participant, rather than only an attendee. While we pack our agenda with fast and dynamic lightning talks, we always slow down in the late afternoon to create a relaxed atmosphere for table talks, one-to-one conversation, and relationship building.

Be on stage

Our agenda makes Intranet Now unique – it’s Brian’s and my honour to be able to invite the people who we’re certain have a great story to share. This year, most people will be offered a 9 minute lightning talk (yes, that’s longer than usual!) and we’re looking for in-house practitioners to share what they’re doing with the intranet right now. Maybe it’s about a comms campaign; maybe it’s about improving business processes; maybe it’s about rolling out new collaboration tools. We are very proud to have so many intranet managers on stage.

We treat everyone fairly – whether you’re an in-house practitioner, independent consultant, or sponsor representative – everyone gets a lightning talk and everyone gets to share their experience. (This works, because our sponsors don’t ‘sell’ their wares or ‘pitch’ their services; that never works. Our sponsors share their experience on stage, just like everyone else.)

So, Intranet Now cannot exist without industry support. If you believe that the UK needs an independent intranet and comms conference, then please get in touch and support our endeavours.

As a sponsor, you’ll be part of the biggest intranet event in the UK, and so have the opportunity to talk with practitioners from a variety of international and national organisations. If you’d like to see who came last year, just message us.

Let’s not be ‘remote’ when we work remotely

The point I want to make to potential sponsors is that, we’re all working digitally and ‘remotely’ these days. You know you’re doing great work for your current clients, but nobody else really knows what you’re up to. Your website may well showcase your lovely case studies, but you know for a fact that people are only skim reading your copy. In this digitally networked world, it’s vital to be seen to be doing things in real life. To be seen to be directly involved with the community; to be seen to understand the problems companies face; to be seen to be truly active; to be seen.

Beyond the value of the day itself, we have a great digital reach and a community of people who feel welcome and safe at Intranet Now. Brian, Wedge, and Intranet Now have a solid network of people who are ready to come to this year’s conference, and who engage with our communications. Plus, we work hard to provide artefacts after the conference, such as videos, photos, presentation files, write-ups, and participant reviews.

Our before-and-after communication activities extend Intranet Now beyond the single day of the conference. We’re just starting up the 2017 comms machinery, and will unveil our new logo in a week or so.

Please help make our biggest conference ever another resounding success. Please contact us today if you would like to sponsor and speak.

Email or tweet @Wedge

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