Our second intranet workshop – formulating your strategy

Do you have an intranet strategy?

“We had one for the relaunch.”
“I don’t have time for that.”
“We have an intranet; it’s not necessary.”
“Management set strategy, it’s up to me to follow it.”

All real enough reasons for not having a strategy, but if you don’t set direction then someone else will. Next thing you know, you and your team are besieged with out-of-scope demands.

Understand your intranet’s purposes and lay out its direction in our full-day strategy workshop with Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall.

Because unless you pull stakeholders together and have a shared idea for your intranet, it could become a wasteland of ill-conceived projects and poorly deployed services.

Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb’s approach takes you through five practical steps in making your strategy: Discovery ➤ Diagnosis ➤ Guiding policy ➤ Direction ➤ Tactics

Intranet Now subscribers will like the style and love the value of this workshop delivered by experienced practitioners.

As part of the Intranet Now community, we want you to get the early-bird price for our January workshop, so please book now to lock in the great price for a quality workshop in London.

Intranet strategy

Not convinced?

Why your intranet needs an up-to-date strategy, by Steve Bynghall.

Why diagnosing your intranet problems beats a fancy vision, by Chris Tubb.

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