Intranet Now workshops – through the year

Workshop schedule 2016

  • 30 June, Intranet strategy, London, Chris Tubb & Steve Bynghall
  • 20 July, Writing intranet content, London, Wedge
  • Summer cocktails and talks. Details to come.
  • 30 Sept, The Intranet Now conference, London
  • 12 Oct, multi-workshop day! “The Intranet and People” – Several HR and engagement topics, several workshop leaders – all welcome. Details to come.

Take a quick visual overview of our upcoming and past events.

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Formulating your intranet strategy

What’s your Intranet Direction? workshop led by Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb

30th June 2016

(We previously ran this popular workshop in January.)

Where is your intranet going? What’s your strategy? What is your intranet direction?

Most intranet managers have an idea of where they probably want to go, but few tend to have a formalised strategy and roadmap. That’s like riding off to fight a dragon without your sword, shield and armour. On a donkey.

Your strategy is a plan about how to take action. Join us to start the process.

Our workshop gives you a highly practical framework to derive and articulate your Intranet Direction, and formulate that strategy and roadmap which you never seem to get round to creating.

Whether you’re part of a team with a new intranet project on the horizon or the owner of an unloved platform which seems to be going nowhere, the Intranet Directions workshop is for you.

In a very hands-on and practical day-long workshop Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall will guide you through a five part process:

Discovery ➤ Diagnosis ➤ Guiding policy ➤ Direction ➤ Tactics

You’ll leave the session armed with the next steps to take your intranet forward.

“January’s workshop was excellent and I’ve already got some of my actions from the day in motion, to be followed up on Monday.” ~ Natalie Smithson, Land Registry

Chris Tubb

Chris TubbChris Tubb is an intranet and digital workplace consultant, based in Brighton.

Working with intranets since 1996 he has done everything wrong with intranets that can be got wrong. He is oddly interested in intranet strategy, governance, and metrics, and that lovely / horrifying moment when everything is possible just before a project starts.

Before descending into the freelancer afterlife, Chris did every conceivable form of intranet for Orange, and then France Telecom group.

Chris on Twitter.

Steve Bynghall

Steve BynghallSteve is a London-based consultant and writer, specialising in intranets, collaboration, and the digital workplace.

After taking an MSc in Information Science from City University in 1996, Steve worked at global accountancy firm BDO in a variety of knowledge and intranet-related roles, before managing the firm’s global extranet programme.

In 2010 he formed his own consultancy Two Hives Ltd. where he works for a variety of clients, including many in professional services.

Steve on Twitter.


A full-day practical workshop.


  • Get an overview of developing an intranet strategy
  • Understand a methodology for creating the strategy and then putting it into action
  • Come away with next steps applicable for your organisation
  • Have fun and network with peers

9am Registration and coffee.
9.30am Introductions and agenda for the day.
9.45am Intranet strategy. An exploration of what it is and why it is important. Why every intranet manager should be bothered about it.
10.15am Diagnosing the current state of your intranet. What’s involved and why?
10.30am Workshop: Self-diagnosis brainstorm. What is the current state of participants’ intranet? Planning the sources and inputs for diagnosis. What data should you use and gather? (Using diagnosis cards and stakeholder mapping.)

11.00am Break for coffee.

11.15am Reviewing your diagnosis and relating to the wider strategic landscape.
11.45am Considering your direction and guiding policy for your intranet.
12.00pm Workshop: What sources of strategy are available for you? (Use strategy cards) Considering your intranet direction. What is the overall direction for your intranet?

12.45pm Lunch and networking.

1.45pm Formulating your intranet guiding policy (including analysis of sample guiding policies).
2.00pm Agreeing and socialising strategy (with stakeholders and even users).
2.15pm Choosing your tactics (Introduction to using tactic cards).
2.30pm Workshop: Finalising your guiding policy and choosing your accompanying tactics.

3.00pm Break for coffee.

3.15pm Bringing it all together: developing your strategic plan.
3.30pm Making it real: selling it to stakeholders.
3.45: Making the business case and developing strategic projects.
4.00pm Workshop: Sketching out a simple now and next strategic plan.

5.00pm End.


Please take advantage of the massive savings you can make with our Team Rate. Bring your intranet colleagues and literally work on your intranet strategy together.

Writing intranet content, for content contributors and default communicators

Led by Wedge, of Intranet Now

20th July 2016

Writing and laying out useful and useable news, guidance, and reference material.
Hand-outs, links to articles, and examples for exercises all included.

This tried and tested workshop has been popular with organisations that need to help their content owners, content contributors, and publishers feel more confident about their written material, and become more involved with the success of the intranet.

Non-technical, this workshop helps content writers and communicators (who may not have a background in internal communications) focus on the purpose and expected impact of every article, handbook, and headline.

Further details to be relased shortly.


A half-day practical workshop.

9am Registration and coffee.

Communication theory

The inverted pyramid and exercise

Write for your audience not for yourself

Headlines and excerpt summaries




Bullet lists and number lists

Layout and exercise

Documents vs. pages

Different channels, different audiences

1pm end – Lunch?


About Wedge

Wedge started within the Internal Comms team of Marconi (back in the day) as the global intranet manager, and has learnt the craft of internal communications and good writing on the job. A reluctant trainer, he would rather discuss readers’ expectations, and provide guidance as to how to meet people’s needs. Content and communication is not about ‘getting more hits’ on the intranet, it’s about helping people get stuff done.

Wedge started blogging about his IC and intranet experiences on day one of his career, and has not stopped. You can read his rants, raves, and guidance over at Kilobox Communiqué, and of course, Wedge founded the Intranet Now conference – this website’s main event!

You can catch Wedge speaking at the usual intranet conferences around Europe, and he’s often in London for client work or IC meet-ups.

@Wedge on Twitter.

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Cancellation policy (for all events)

Should you need to completely cancel your ticket we will refund:

  • 100% of the price if you cancel 15 calendar days before the workshop
  • 50% of your ticket price if you cancel 14 to 8 days before the workshop.
  • We cannot provide refunds if you cancel only a week or less before the workshop.

You are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague (but please respect that ‘Team Rate’ tickets are for colleagues from the same organisation).

To summarise: for a full refund, cancel your ticket with us more than two weeks before the event.

Contact to discuss cancellation options. We always aim to please.

While Intranet Now makes every endeavour to run workshops as planned, there may be occasional instances where a workshop may be postponed. We will refund 100% of the cost of your ticket, and invite you to attend the next suitable date, but we cannot refund any travel or accommodation costs.

Semi-structured workshop, led by Martin White

6th April 2016, London

Many organisations find that the search application on their intranet, or even a more comprehensive enterprise search, is not providing the expected benefits. Finding a solution to the problem is not easy as there are so many variables. Is the search engine unsuitable for the task, are expectations too high, or is the way that the search engine has been implemented not best practice?

The objective of this workshop is to help delegates analyse the nature of the problem that they are facing, and then to provide a range of solutions for consideration.
Among the subjects that will be covered are:

  • Understanding why and how people search
  • Benchmarking your search application
  • Diagnosing search problems
  • Getting the best from search and web logs
  • The impact of content quality on search performance
  • Will a taxonomy make a difference?
  • Upgrade or replace – the options and issues
  • Search team skills and responsibilities
  • Developing a strategic plan for search.

The full-day workshop starts off with a roundtable discussion about your needs – bring your problems, challenges, and objectives and Martin will build the workshop agenda around them.

The workshop is interactive and hands-on. Computers will be provided to help with exercises.

After lunch there will be an opportunity to prioritise the agenda for the afternoon.

You’re guaranteed to get exactly what you and your organisation need from this workshop, so long as you raise the topic in the morning or afternoon discussions.

As well as the slides used during the day, every participant will receive summary slides, detailing the discussion topics and suggested resources, after the workshop.

About Martin White

Martin WhiteMartin started using computer-based search services in 1975 (that’s not a typo!) and helped develop a commercial enterprise search application in 1980. Since the launch of Intranet Focus Ltd in 1999 most of his intranet projects have had a search dimension, and he has captured his experience in four books, most recently the 2nd edition of Enterprise Search, published in 2015 by O’Reilly Media.

From project to project, conference to conference, nobody has shown more wit and wisdom than Martin White when it comes to search.

Respected author, much loved speaker, doyen of search, and the first winner of the Intranet Now Diamond Award for remarkable contribution to the intranet community, Martin has worked to improve enterprise search (and associated information management practices) for decades.

We are very pleased to add Martin to our 2016 workshop schedule.

Martin on Twitter; Intranet Focus website; Enterprise Search website.

Search banner

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Past workshops

Mastering UX for modern intranets

Designing sophisticated intranets for people

Masterclass workshop, led by James Robertson

15th March 2016, London

It’s well understood that intranets must be simple and usable, designed for the needs of staff. But what does this mean for modern intranets, which are doing so much more than they used to?

This workshop, run by the author of the best-selling book ‘Designing intranets: creating sites that work‘, explores key user experience (UX) techniques and principles that will guide the design of even the most sophisticated intranet.

The workshop will focus on key real-world intranet challenges, including how to deliver a homepage that will keep everyone happy, how to succeed at personalisation and targeting, and what to do about mobile users.

Bring along screenshots of your intranet, or draft designs for your new site. At the end of the day, James will run a ‘design clinic’, which will give you an opportunity to get feedback and ideas, not just from James, but from other participants. An invaluable opportunity to take your design to the next level!

Benefits of the day include:

  • solid understanding of key UX techniques you can immediately apply to your site;
  • new approaches for tackling common design challenges;
  • fresh ideas for delivering sophisticated intranets that work;
  • invaluable opportunity to get feedback on your design during the afternoon clinic.

This workshop is for intranet managers and teams that wish to enhance their current intranet, and those that are planning their new intranet.

“Good use of real examples from real companies gives great context for the discussions.”

“Great interactive session. Learnt a lot about the importance of research & speaking to mobile employees to understand their mobile needs.”

About James

James RobertsonJames Robertson is the author of the three best-selling intranet books: ‘Designing intranets‘, ‘Essential intranets‘, and ‘What every intranet team should know‘. Based in Sydney, Australia, James is the founder of Step Two, and is one of the global experts on intranets. Keynoting conferences around the globe, including the Intranet Now conference, he is a passionate and engaging presenter.

James on Twitter.


8:30am Registration, coffee, and breakfast carbs

9am Fundamental principles and techniques

  • Fundamental principles of good intranet design
  • Exploring key techniques:
  • User research
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Usability testing

10:30am Break

11:00am Homepages that delight

  • Exploring the seven purposes
  • Finding the right balance, and keeping everyone happy
  • Designing in zones
  • Homepages: long or short?

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Advanced topics

  • Meeting global & local needs
  • User-driven personalisation
  • Tailoring and targeting
  • Mobility: responsive vs mobile front door

3:00pm Break

3:30pm Design clinic

  • Exploring your designs, finished or draft (bring your design to the workshop!)
  • Answering your questions
  • Uncovering new ideas or approaches

5:00pm End


“Good reminder about engaging with users about how they work rather than what they want.”

“Entertaining & informative – as always.”

James Robertson at Entopic conference

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Formulating your intranet strategy: what’s your Intranet Direction?

21st January 2016, intranet workshop

Led by Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb

Simplify your intranet — Gerry McGovern workshop
Increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and make your intranet mission critical

Gerry McGovernGerry McGovern isn’t often in England, but after he spoke at our Intranet Now conference in September, we convinced him to return to lead a masterclass workshop.

For intranet managers and stakeholders involved in the design, revamp, and the strategic aims of your intranet.

Light lunch (provided) will give you the chance to discuss your specific intranet challenges with classmates from other organisations.

This is an Intranet Now production, and so you won’t find workshop prices like this anywhere else. We stand by our commitment to create relevant events that are exceptional value for money.

In survey after survey, employees feel that they are overwhelmed. Too much to do. Not enough time. So, what should a great intranet / digital workplace do? It should help employees to do more, faster. It should simplify their work lives, making things easier.


Does the average intranet do that? No. Often, it is the opposite. The search is appalling. The navigation is a spaghetti junction of silo jargon and poorly-thought-through wording. Most of the content is stuck in cumbersome print-era documents. Much of this content is badly written, lots of it is out of date, and more of it is a type of communications propaganda, talking at employees, rather than helping them do things.


Why? Because despite all the talk, most intranets are still seen as a cost to be managed. Practically nobody thinks about value when they think about the intranet. And this is particularly true for senior management, most of whom don’t use the intranet, so they don’t pay enough attention to it.


If the intranet is to achieve the huge potential of the digital workplace, then we must change the conversation. We must talk about value, not costs. We must change the way we manage, and we must change the way we measure what we manage.


How do we do that? We focus on the top tasks of employees. We measure these top tasks and turn these measures into management metrics that we can communicate to senior management

What you will learn

  • How to convince senior management to take the Intranet more seriously.
  • How to introduce a new model of intranet management based on value, not costs.
  • How to systematically go about identifying the top tasks of your employees.
  • How to develop new metrics around task performance that measure the value your intranet creates.

This workshop is primarily for those who have responsibility for managing or running an intranet.

It was a sell-out event of course, with over 40 participants filling the large room.

Kick-start / restart your enterprise social network

12th May (Birmingham) ESN workshop

Led by Virpi Oinonen

Social lubeAre you thinking about launching an enterprise social network? Or are you in the all too common situation where, after an initial flurry of activity, your network is now slowly dying and you’re trying to figure out how to get more people to contribute?

This one day workshop will help you kickstart or restart your network in a way that is sustainable, makes sense also from the business point of view, and doesn’t rely on gimmicky incentives. It will steer you away from traditional communications approach to launches and instead shows you the way of the network ninja – someone who uses community management techniques and knows how to operate behind the scenes.

Culture elephantThe first half of the day focuses on strategic planning: how to weave the network into business objectives and how to find use cases that show most potential. The second part is about practical community management tactics.

At the end of the day you should have a rough plan and a set of actionable ideas you can put into practice tomorrow morning.

As part of the workshop you will get access to visual training materials that you can use to train and educate your colleagues and senior management.

Read Virpi’s take on the importance of conversations over at Irish Tech News.


  • Understand how an enterprise social network can help your organisation
    (and learn to communicate it in a way that makes sense to senior management)
  • Learn how to weave the network into projects that matter
  • Learn practical tactics on how to get more people to contribute
  • Meet people in a similar situation and network!

About Virpi

Virpi OinonenVirpi is an enterprise social consultant with a background in online campaigning and mobilisation (Greenpeace and other nonprofits) and communications in general – including journalism, online marketing and, believe it or not, cartooning.

“Rolling out an internal social network was such an interesting (and at times frustrating) experience in my previous role that I decided to become an enterprise social consultant. My focus is on facilitating change from the bottom up (the intrapreneurial approach to internal social networks), and I enjoy both tactical and strategic levels of enterprise social adoption and usage.”

When not thinking about social networks and the changing nature of work, Virpi runs a visual storytelling company called Business illustrator; which is perfectly famous in many circles.

Virpi is originally from Finland (in case you were wondering where the name comes from), but now lives and works mainly in London.

Virpi on Twitter.


A full-day practical workshop in Birmingham.

8:30am Registration and coffee

9:00am Hello!

Why you’re here, why I’m here and what we can achieve together in one day

Introduction to enterprise social networks

What problems do enterprise social networks solve?
Why enterprise social networks fail?
Your role in making ESNs work

Developing a business case and launch strategy

People are often skeptical when it comes to ESNs. They are also slaves to their email habits. Developing a strong use case that solves an actual problem is key in gaining enough traction to overcome these problems.

How to find problems that ESN can help solve
Exercise: Mapping business problems, team problems, project problems

11.20am Break

11:30am Excercise

Mapping employee problems
How to convince the powers that be
The alternative route: organisation wide Q&A forum

12:30pm Lunch

1.30pm Preparing to launch

Finding and training champions

Introduction to internal community management

What is community management and why it’s so important
The first stage: getting people to visit the network
Killer content and killer services exclusively on the network
Case: Q&As as killer content/service
Strategic nudging
Creating black and white guidelines
Exercise: finding killer content/services

3:00pm Break

The second stage: curation and co-creation
Exercise: turning a discussion into a post
Third stage: evaluation
The difference between business metrics and community health metrics

4.30pm End

Now, off to the pub!

Check the early-bird prices for Birmingham now.

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