Intranet Now, in association with Oak.

Oak intranet joins as platinum sponsor

Oak – the cloud intranet from the people who brought you OrchidNet – is on-board as a platinum partner of our Intranet Now conference.

Oak, which was built from the ground up for the cloud, is all about ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use. It’s an ‘out of the box’ (although, being in the cloud, there is no box, but you get the idea) solution that’s been designed to enable any organisation of any size to deploy an intranet in days, without the need for any consultancy, design or technical knowledge.

It’s an independent intranet solution, requiring no other tech to work, but interfaces with popular enterprise solutions, such as SharePoint, Active Directory and Exchange. The developers and designers know a thing or two about user experience, so we can expect Sukh Ryatt, CEO and keynote speaker, to highlight the importance of the overall employee experience throughout the digital workplace.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate, since we started creating intranets way back in 1997, to have worked with some of the best-loved and most forward thinking brands around. Because of this we’ve seen patterns, from amazing examples, of what really works in terms of user experience and engagement and, arguably more importantly, what doesn’t work.

“Fundamentally, it’s no longer about the tech… it’s all about creativity and understanding your ‘Why’. We’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve learnt and are excited that Intranet Now is going to be one of the first places we ‘come out’, having kept our heads down and not marketed or mingled since we began over 20 years ago!”

Sukh Ryatt, CEO, Oak

This year’s conference, as ever, is a bit different. We’ve built in more time for conversation in the afternoon, there will be a workshop you can choose to attend, and we’ve gone mad on panels! We now love panel discussions – and fear not; there’s no risk of a manel (an all-male panel) as our industry has a good mix of in-house practitioners and expert pundits!

Intranet Now could not exist without the generosity of our partners. This is our fifth year, and expectations are as high as ever. Sponsorship enables us to bring ticket prices down to an affordable level – and we, and our partners, want to support the comms and intranet communities. Yes, there’s an overlap! Intranet Now serves the combined community of people who care about digital, and care about people. And so we’re grateful to Oak for coming on-board as a fancy-schmancy platinum partner.

Lisa and I are working hard on the agenda (and the clunky website) in between consulting work, and if you’re an in-house practitioner with a story or lesson to share about the digital employee experience, please fill in our pitch form.

The conference is on Friday the 5th of October, at 1 America Square. It’s a fab venue, physically intersected by the old Roman wall!

Tickets are on sale of course, but this year they are limited. We’ve never really limited the number of participants before, but this year’s venue does not have moveable walls, and so tickets are limited. We suggest you grab your tickets before September.

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