Measuring all of your key digital channels in one place for maximum insight

Kieran Ivers, Enterprise Communications Specialist, Newsweaver on the challenges of measuring many channels of communication

On September 30th I am hosting a workshop at Intranet Now entitled ‘Measuring all of your key digital channels in one place for maximum insight‘, I will be looking at the tools currently available to internal communicators and how they can maximize the usage of these tools to gain greater insight from a multi-channel communication approach.

The internal communicators channel toolkit is ever expanding and this expansion allows for a greater opportunity to capture your audience’s attention and enhance communications within an organization. However, communicators can quickly find that measuring the effectiveness of all these disparate communications is difficult and without knowing who has been informed of important information, need-to-know information becomes unheard and often misinformed.

I will be explaining how to measure the reach and impact of communications, across all digital channels including email, intranet and video from one central dashboard. I’ll be showing how this allows communicators to reduce information overload and improve productivity by personalizing content for each employee irrespective of how diverse their audience is. It is hard for communicators to execute their strategy effectively and prove business value when they are not getting the necessary resources and I will be talking about how communicators can address this issue

Getting IC aligned with the vision and mission of the organization and getting buy-in from senior leadership to allow you implement the right communications programme isn’t easy. I’ll be showing how you communicators can drive success within an organization by not only communicating to employees in a timely and personalized fashion but also with the insight on who has been informed.

Join me on the 30th to get one overall view of your Internal Communication reporting and gain actionable insights while learning how to better measure your IC channels, your audience and your content performance.

If you have not gotten your ticket, grab a ticket before September 30th.

Don’t forget to download Newsweaver’s free best practice package. This includes three guides on “Measuring Intranet Communications”, “How to drive the effectiveness of your intranet” and “Use a Multichannel Strategy to Communicate With Employees”.

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