Invotra becomes platinum sponsor of Intranet Now 2015

Invotra, the software services company behind the Invotra intranet platform, has sponsored the Intranet Now conference for 2015.

InvotraInvotra’s sponsorship means Brian and I can confirm that Intranet Now will definitely go ahead again, and so we’re very grateful for their involvement. We mean to hold the conference around the middle of October, and we’ll make early-bird tickets available as soon as we’ve confirmed the London venue.

Invotra has been involved with open-source software for many years; Fintan and colleagues have seriously contributed to the code within Drupal and Drupal extensions.

As an intranet vendor with decades of development experience, Invotra brings open-source solutions into sharp focus. Open-source software can offer enterprise-standard services, as Invotra’s recent work with HMRC and the Home Office demonstrates.

Building on last year’s inaugural conference, we mean to offer a bigger and better experience for participants – although it will be hard to beat last year’s meal. And yes, you’ll be a ‘participant’ and not merely an ‘attendee’, because Intranet Now is a conference and an unconference – the afternoon is reserved for group discussions. We know you’ll enjoy all the networking and conversation.

To ensure you get the early-bird ticket prices, please join our mailing-list.

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