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Intranet Strategy workshop deadline – Friday the 13th

No bad omens here, but our intranet strategy workshop is all set for June, yet the early-bird ticket offer ends this Friday.

The workshop, led by Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall, will take you through five steps to formulate a working intranet strategy. The full-day workshop is an opportunity to work alongside other practitioners and literally craft or polish your intranet strategy in a structured manner.

Whenever I’ve asked conference audiences or organisations about their intranet strategy, responses have been muted – to say the least. Many people are so busy getting through the day-to-day tasks and the constant ‘user requests’ that it’s easy to neglect the overarching purposes of the intranet and the business objectives that are supposed to shape it.

A great deal can be done each day, but what progress is made over the quarter?

A well-communicated and implemented strategy hones your work and the way the intranet supports people’s needs.

Chris and Steve’s framework gives you an approach to building a strategy that fits your organisation’s needs and culture – rather than ‘copy n pasting’ from an ill-fitting template.

A day away from the office to delve deeply into the pressures you and your intranet face allows for clear thinking and long-term goal setting. The day is, frankly, even more valuable if you bring a colleague – the best insights can happen during conversation. This is why we have a Team Rate ticke.

I appreciate that managing an intranet is no easy matter, but in order to lead the intranet and its use it is necessary to have a strategic view, and a written and communicated strategy will engage your stakeholders and hopefully gain their commitment.

Chris Tubb
Steve Bynghall

Don’t be without a decent strategy any longer – get your best-priced ticket before the stroke of midnight on Friday the 13th and avoid the horror of an undervalued intranet.

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