Intranet Now Workshop – Simplify your intranet, with Gerry McGovern

We said we’d do more than a conference, and now we have launched our first Intranet Now workshop – and it’s led by Gerry McGovern.

This is a rare chance to catch Gerry in England and spend a day with him learning how to Simplify your intranet as Gerry say’s –

gerry smile

“A great intranet / digital workplace should help employees do more, faster. It should simplify their work lives, making things easier.

“Does the average intranet do that? No.

“Despite all the talk, most intranets are still seen as a cost to be managed. Few people thinks about value when they think about intranets. And this is particularly true for senior management, most of whom don’t use the intranet…”

In line with our conference were bringing you this event at a great price, you will not find a full-day workshop, like this, at such a price anywhere else.


All details are on the Intranet Now workshops page, but we have to tell you, the prices are tiered, so the first few people who register will get an incredible deal. I’m not just saying this. The standard tickets are low-cost, but the early-bird prices are ridiculous.


Ticket prices are tiered, so the sooner you book, the more you save. You will kick yourself if you miss the initial savings. Book you place now, before we start tweeting.

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