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While known for our annual conference, we are developing Intranet Now so as to serve the intranet community through the year.

Brian and I frequently rub shoulders with expert consultants and practitioners, and so we’ve invited several luminaries to run training workshops that we hope will support your intranet and internal communication work in 2016.

Intranet strategy

Right now, we’re preparing for the ‘Formulating your intranet strategy‘ workshop on Thursday 21st January, led by Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall (of Intranet Directions and the DWG.)

If this is too soon for you, maybe we’ll repeat the workshop later in the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept well informed about all things intranet.

Culture elephantEnterprise social networks

Coming up in March, we’re in Dublin with Virpi Oinonen (of Business Goes Social). Virpi will delve into community management and ‘Kick-starting your enterprise social network‘.

This is a full-day workshop, and while we hope to bring it to London one day, starting in Dublin is part of our commitment to serve the wider world.

If Dublin is too far afield for you (the flights from England are very cheap…) we will also run Virpi’s ESN workshop in Birmingham in May.

Lab flasksSearch

In April, Martin White (of Intranet Focus and Enterprise Search Book) will lead a semi-structured ‘Enterprise and intranet search lab‘ in London.

Search technology and the end-user search experience is a challenge for many organisations. “Why can’t it be like Google?” people cry. But Google Search inside the firewall is not the solution. As well as the right approach to tech and the right search strategy, Martin will touch on just how people search (it isn’t always just like you), content quality, taxonomy, and the resources needed to properly manage search.


Booking is all done through Eventbrite, and so it’s easy for you to register yourself or a colleague, with a payment card or by invoice. We usually have ‘early-bird’ savings for people who book first, so please take a look at our workshops page and see what’s what.

The Intranet Now brand stands for friendly expertise and good value. Please do check our prices – Brian and I work hard to keep them so low.

Talking of ‘brand’, I’m working on a new design for this website, and we’re developing a new logo. I know, right!

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