Billy Clackers and audience 2018.

Best photos from Intranet Now 2018

Refresh your memory of Intranet Now 2018 by browsing all the photos, scanning the best ones below, and checking out the presentation slides.

Grateful to our photographer, Adam, from Capturise.

If you spot yourself, or want to use a photo in a review, the of course you’re free to download the pics from Flickr. Any other uses, ask for permission.

Billy Clackers and audience 2018.

Billy Clackers, of Invotra. Opening keynote.

Janet White 2018.

Janet White of Fairtrade International.

Baxter Willis of WM Reply 2018.

Baxter Willis of WM Reply.

Tanya Burak of Savills 2018.

Tanya Burak of Savills.

Kelly Freeman of Interact 2018.

Kelly Freeman of Interact.

Simon Thompson of Experience Applied 2018.

Simon Thompson of Experience Applied.

Howard Thain of Company-Net 2018.

Howard Thain of Company-Net.

Ellen van Aken of AzkoNobel 2018.

Ellen van Aken of AzkoNobel.

Sukh Ryatt of Oak Intranet 2018.

Sukh Ryatt of Oak Intranet. Mid-morning keynote.

Dana Leeson of BSI 2018.

Dana Leeson of BSI 2018.

Ralf Larrson of Electrolux 2018.

Ralf Larsson of Electolux.

Jeremy Stewart of SORCE 2018.

Jeremy Stewart of SORCE.

Morning panel 2018.

Morning panel; Fintan Galvin of Invotra, Helen Day of DWG, Sukh Ryatt of Oak, Dana Leeson of BSi.

Martin White 2018.

Martin White of Intranet Focus, leads the morning panel discussion.

James Robertson of Step Two 2018.

James Robertson of Step Two 2018. Mini-keynote.

Adam Pope of ARUP 2018.

Adam Pope of ARUP.

Suzie Robinson of WSH 2018.

Suzie Robinson of WSH Group.

Alex Scott of Scottish Water 2018.

Alex Scott of Scottish Water.

Donna Noble of The Noble Art of Yoga 2018.

Donna Noble of The Noble Art of Yoga.

Invotra workshop 2018.

Invotra workshop: Is your Intranet succeeding? Measurement in a connected workplace.

Oak workshop 2018.

Oak workshop: We asked 100 customers how to engage your employees; come see what they had to say

SORCE workshop 2018.

SORCE workshop: Delivering a great employee experience with a fully mobilised workforce: Why your intranet is more important than ever

WM Reply workshop 2018.

WM Reply workshop: What’s in a persona? How do you achieve great adoption of your new or changing technology?

Tabel talk.
Table talk.
Table talk.
Table talks
Table talk.
Table talks.

Semi-structured table talks.

Diamond Award winner Brian Lamb 2018.

Diamond Award winner Brian Lamb.

Wrap-up panel.

Wrap-up panel; Rahel Baillie, Steve Bynghall, James Robertson, Lisa Riemers.


The Invotra crew.


The Oak team.


The volunteer crew

An excellent bunch of humans. They allowed us to put them in sashes this year without batting an eyelid.

Suzie Robinson, Jennifer Morais, Giulia Fares, Luke Mepham.

Suzie Robinson, Jennifer Morais, Giulia Fares, Luke Mepham.

Dane Leeson.

Dana Leeson.

Luke with Simon Thompson.

Luke Mepham and Simon Thompson.

Rahel Bailie (Wedge in background).

Rahel Bailie (in front).

Suzie, Jennifer, Giulia, Luke!

Suzie Robinson, Jennifer Morais, Giulia Fares, Luke Mepham.


The best Wedge.

Lisa on stage.

Your host, Lisa Riemers.

Bobby, Wedge, Keri Harrowven.

Keri Harrowven (at right).


The best Lisa.

Wedge on stage.

Your host, Wedge.

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