World Cafe

A World Café for your intranet conversations

This year’s World Café will be a simple affair – the ‘conversation starter’ will be something like “Share a key lesson from the conference that you’ll take back to the office”.

The objective is to get everyone talking (so nobody monologues) and to share the ’take aways’ from the conference. But there are no further rules, and people will of course be free to ‘deep dive’ into a topic or share their challenges.

We expect to hold three sessions, and so most people will move to a new table, but we ask speakers to remain at a single table.

This is a refinement on last year’s World Café when, perhaps, we tried do too much! This year, we focus on the benefits of conversation for every individual participant, rather than attempting to share insights across the whole hall.

After the World Café, we plan to hold a panel discussion with in-house practitioners and so the café conversations will no doubt ready them.

No workshops – one big hall, one big stage, one big screen, one whole experience.

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