As we plan our intranet-and-comms related conference for October, now’s the time to let you know that the ‘we’ has changed.

After putting on four annual conferences with me, Brian Lamb has left Intranet Now, despite me chanting ‘four more years’ at him.

I launched Intranet Now in 2014 with a few tweets. People had been saying that ‘someone’ should pull together an intranet related conference in the UK, considering how many great European events there were.

I tweeted a few times, asking if anyone would like to join me in such an endeavour. Brian was the only person to emphatically say ‘yes’ and I in turn welcomed him. We’d never met, never really talked before, and didn’t have any event management background – being intranet people ourselves. In a matter of weeks, we had a nascent conference underway.

Since then we’ve worked together for half of each year on an almost weekly basis, and Intranet Now has evolved and become a linchpin in the conference calendar. Brian’s cool-headedness and focus on the core offering of Intranet Now (learning and community) have kept our conference going over the years as much as my enthusiasm and stubbornness. It has been a pleasure to discuss thorny issues and co-create the way forward with him.

Knowing Brian’s clear and stoic manner, I understood he had come to his decision carefully, considering his day job and family life.

I have nothing but admiration for Brian, and hope our paths cross again soon.

“What a great positive experience working on Intranet Now has been. Amazing that I could meet Wedge online and, led by him, put on the first conference from a standing start in just a few weeks.

“Astonishing that we could do this whilst only meeting in person twice before the big day. Excellent that I could do it all from the edge of Europe (some of my best conference work was done in Donegal on summer “holiday”). Important that we were able to stick to the original core idea of an independant conference for practitioners by practitioners. Splendid that we made it a success with year four coming up. Annoying I can no longer make it fit with the mix of things I do to pay the rent.

“But mostly what luck to find as generous, intelligent, witty, principled, gloriously human business partner as Wedge. I can’t wait to see what he does with it next.”

Brian Lamb, of Customer Carewords


Onwards and upwards

I’m thrilled to announce… hang on; you know I hate canned comms. Writing should be fresh; our communiques should not rely on clichés and stock phrases. Let me start again.

Lisa Riemers has joined me as a conference director of Intranet Now, and I couldn’t be more made up. Lisa was my one and only choice to help take Intranet Now forward. I could think of nobody else, and I told her that if she declined I’d have to manage everything on my lonesome.

Lisa knows the conference well; in past years she’s spoken on stage, volunteered behind the scenes, and sketchnoted all the presentations. Considering her past marketing, event, and intranet experience, Lisa is likely to bring a fresh perspective to the design of the day, and help Intranet Now reach new audiences, while continuing to give sponsors, speakers, and loyal attendees a brilliant experience in-keeping with our friendly approach.

Lisa Riemers.

“Intranet Now is one of my favourite events, and I can’t believe I’m now in charge! Well, with Wedge. Together, we’ll continue to bring people together to talk about what works for their intranets – now and for the future.

“Since I first attended in 2015 I’ve been increasingly involved in what I still believe is ‘one of the most valuable conference / events I’ve ever been to’.  I first discovered Intranet Now when I was in the middle of a large and awkward intranet project. I was looking for expertise and support – which I got in spades at the event (and in the bar afterwards).  I hadn’t realised that the intranet community was even a thing – let alone something I could be part of – and I’ve not looked back! I want to be able to share that experience with others in the same situation – and help improve the way organisations work!”

Lisa Riemers, independent consultant and Director, Intranet Now

Intranet Now.

Lisa and I are now planning our October conference. If you’ve got an idea for a talk, fill in our little questionnaire. If your company would like to sponsor and speak, please get in touch however you like.

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