The Intranet Now Diamond Award is a prize for intranet heroes

Intranets are curious things, reflecting, as they do, the incredible diversity of the organisations that they serve and all the ups and downs and general vicissitudes of organisational life.

Organisational attention on the intranet also waxes and wanes as HR, IT, or Sales departments all take their turn at getting very interested for a while in the intranet and what it can do for them. People who work on intranets are often on their way to other careers, learning about comms or web technology then taking their skills on to the next challenge.

But for some, intranets are an endlessly fascinating world which they do not want to move on from. They return to again and again to intranet projects; they build many great parts of the digital workplace; they ride the waves of new technologies harnessing each one to create business impact; they build their career in this corner of the corporate world.

If we are lucky along the way these people share. They share their knowledge, they publish articles, they blog, they discuss, they attend events. Everything they do promotes the potential of intranets to have real business impact. These are the long-term heroes we seek for the Diamond Award.

The Intranet Now Diamond Award is for remarkable contribution to the intranet community

Our two past winners, Martin White and Sam Marshall, clearly meet all the criteria for the award. Self-confessed intranet addicts, each of them they have been making intranets better for decades. Along the way they have shared what they have learnt in books and articles, at countless events, in casual conversations and in meetings big and small of intranet people everywhere. Martin and Sam, our past winners, will join us this year to create the shortlist for the award making sure we pick a genuine diamond.

So if you know an intranet addict (or perhaps you are one) who has stuck around and made a long term contribution to the world of intranets this is your invitation to nominate them (or yourself) for the Diamond Award.

Its really simple to put someone on the longlist just contact me or Wedge with your nominee and a sentence about how they’ve contributed to the intranet community. In due course we will publish the long list for the award and of course we will announce the winner at Intranet Now in London on the 30th September.

Recommend someone for the Diamond Award

for remarkable contribution to the intranet community

If you know someone who has shared a great deal of their expertise across the web, please contact Brian or Wedge. Does your intranet manager blog externally?

Martin White and Sam Marshall
Martin White and Intranet Now award

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