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Your home page priorities laid bare

Your intranet home page is the:

  • entry point to the entire intranet
  • first intranet page for all users
  • only intranet page for some users.

Prioritising the functionality and usefulness of the home page is therefore crucial, considering the limited space, and limited time people spend.

Intra2, from Denmark, has a library of over 5000 screenshots, including 1600+ home pages from 370+ companies, and they analyse the space devoted to four key functions.

Four functions

Submit your home page for a free assessment

Send your screenshot to Mads Richard on mads@intra2.com for a free analysis. You can blackout any sensitive text.

Your screenshot will be shown at the Intranet Now conference, but will never appear on the open web. It will be added to Intra2’s secure library within their password-protected community site.

Your results

A pie chart will show the relative space devoted to the four key functions, visually showing your intranet’s priorities.

A bar chart will show your your home page compares against the average intranet home page.

Pie and bar

Don't delay, submit today

It might take you a few days to get agreement from your colleagues, so please raise the idea of submitting your home page today.

As Mads takes so much care, analysis does take a little time, and he would appreciate receiving your screenshot as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please email Mads Richard on mads@intra2.com – he’s standing by for your queries and screenshots.

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