We have a large slice of intranet wisdom at Intranet Now in the form of Gerry McGovern, Martin White and Sam Marshall.  I have the pleasure of talking with Denise Cox about their work at a Newsweaver webinar  on Wednesday, the 13th August. In the webinar I will  tour some of the published thoughts of these three speakers.  

Gerry McGovernI begin on my home ground. I have worked with Gerry McGovern on intranets for over 10 years and I am a shameless proponent of his techniques. In the webinar I explain some of Gerry’s key concepts applied to intranets. I will talk about being employee centric, finding employee Top Tasks, avoiding ‘launch and leave’ culture, and how you are never finished developing your intranet.

Martin WhiteI’ve also been lucky to work once or twice with Martin White and to say that he knows about intranets is a bit like saying Germany have a good football team. For the webinar I’ll zero in on one special area of Martin White wisdom – search –  and sharing his answer to that question beloved of intranet users everywhere – “Why can’t our intranet search be like Google?

Sam MarshallTo talk about Sam Marshall‘s work I could have picked any current intranet area of interest. In the end I chose a really useful set of three questions that Sam says everyone should ask themselves, and have answers for, in thinking about mobile intranets. Does everything need to be mobile? Should I have a responsive design? and do I need an app? Each of these questions will come up in any conversation about mobile intranets, and Sam points the way toward getting the answers you need.

We have designed Intranet Now to give you a chance to pick these guys’ brains – and believe me, their brains are well worth picking.

By the by, tickets are selling fast. We’re bound to have 160 people in the room. So you may want to, oh, you know.

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