What is the single biggest challenge that you face today?

Intranet Now’s programme is going to be 75% created by participants (lightning talks and discussions) it’s a chance to share challenges and learn what others are doing. By way of stimulus I am sharing below the challenges named by 40 UK Intranet managers in the Customer Carewords 2012 Web Management Principles Survey.

In 2012 the big theme was Governance. Is this still a top challenge? Don’t miss your chance to address your challenges by talking about them or inviting others to join you in discussing them. Sign up for a lightning talk or propose a session.

UK intranet managers biggest challenges

  • Writing and publishing for the ‘customer’ rather than managers and colleagues
  • Complex and changing landscape of channels to connect with the customer and maintaining a focus on customer tasks not just information
  • Engaging the business on the importance of the web
  • Political in-fighting
  • Ensuring that as an organisation we are equipped and capable of making digital an integral part of all our work.
  • Not investing in the technology required.
  • Convincing mangers that big data is hype
  • Lack of governance and support from senior management
  • Lack of empowerment from senior management who don’t have real digital understanding and don’t accept that our team does.
  • Lack of commitment/ownership, understanding and resource to our online presence.
  • Getting local authority senior and middle managers buy in on Digital by Default
  • Getting people to take ownership of their section.
  • Lack of consistency across disparate teams in terms of technology, taxonomy and process.
  • Getting commitment from senior management to define and resource our online strategy, vision and presence
  • Managing colleagues expectations about what the purpose of our webpages are
  • Expectations
  • Organisation understanding that customers (not internal teams) are the ‘client’ and that a centralised web team is best place to serve this need.
  • Making management understand that intranet management requires similar resources and disciplines to public facing website management
  • senior management support e.g. staff resources, funding, importance of the web
  • Insufficient resources to do the work
  • Meeting increasing demographic demand with reducing budgets.
  • Resourcing and technology restraints
  • Finding time to do things properly
  • Money
  • The level of ongoing resource at my organisation.
  • Keeping up with changing technology and the costs involved in this.
  • Today it’s being subject to the whims of social media platforms and not being able to control how our clients are interacting with our content on those platforms
  • Mobile web and multi devices
  • Convincing councils that you don’t have to spend huge sums of money to greatly improve their websites

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