The Intranet Now gold sponsors, helping to make our October conference happen

A conference like ours needs sponsorship – and has it in buckets. Brian and I are really keen to provide low cost ticket prices, and a nice venue with great food. It’s not possible to have both for an event of Intranet Now’s size without additional investment and support. So when we say that our sponsors co-create our conference, we mean it.

Our sponsors are investing in the intranet landscape, in the intranet community, and in the intranet marketplace – which supports and values your expertise and skills. This isn’t about competition, it’s about growing the whole landscape so that everyone benefits.

This is Intranet Now’s second year, and had it been impossible to put on a second conference, Brian and I would have chalked it up to experience and still been proud of our success last year.

But as this is our second conference, it validates the success of our inaugural event – it proves that there’s an appetite for an independent intranet conference in the UK, and it demonstrates that Brian and I are in the right track with our crazy hybrid agenda of traditional morning conference, and unplanned unconference discussion sessions in the afternoon.

So it is with great sincerity (and a modicum of humility) that we thank our four gold sponsors for coming on board and supporting us.

Smallworlders - intranet system

SmallWorlders’ clients – ranging from an East London NHS trust to a retailer of luxury goods in the Middle East – are diverse. It should come as no surprise therefore that no two SmallWorlders intranets are the same. SmallWorlders SandboxTM is an intranet platform. This means it has all of the benefits of an intranet application – lots of juicy functionality straight out of the box – but without any of the restrictions as an intranet can be entirely custom built from the ground up.

But not every organisation needs to throw away their intranet. SmallWorlders consultants can maximise intranet performance whatever an organisation’s preferred technology. Their Engagement Benchmark – a tool to analyse and compare intranet performance – delivers insights that turn dust-gathering intranets into productivity dynamos.

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UKeiG is a unique forum that brings together information professionals, users and developers of electronic information resources. We trace our history back to the founding of the UK Online User Group by the Institute of Information Scientists in 1976. Now, as a CILIP Special Interest Group, we are committed to work with CILIP, its Branches and other Groups, to raise the profile of the information profession in the UK, particularly in the e-information arena.

Members have access to our full resources including our e-journal eLucidate, our Intranet Forum, LIS-UkeiG Discussion List, electronic newsletters, and discounts on all our seminars and workshops.

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We’re Crafted, a full service digital agency and bespoke intranet developer that’s been solving marketing challenges for brands since 2005. Our ethos is Experience Better; empowering our clients to deliver valuable online experiences for their customers, using insight driven strategies. We achieve this across our four pillars of Consultancy, Development, Design and Online Marketing. Experience Better embodies everything we do, from our results-focussed approach to the way we work with our clients, building trusted partnerships.

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LINCHPIN is a fully personalized social intranet suite based on Atlassian Confluence. It has been designed for big corporations and their diverse communication needs, from letting management distribute important information in a top-down manner to customizing huge amounts of content in a company-wide system. It makes Confluence a full-fledged intranet.

Where Confluence falls short in meeting the typical ‘Intranet 1.0’ requirements big companies have, LINCHPIN adds those features and makes it an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to the usual suspects in the intranet arena. Build on a system your people already love and make it the foundation of your intranet, all while saving big on license fees.

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