“It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.” Virginia Woolf, A room of one’s own

Our conference is a hectic day. We are busy;  busy working, busy making sure everything goes well. Through the year we meet and talk to many people online and in person, mostly in focused work conditions with agendas and targets and deadlines to be met, and rules that must be respected, and roles that must be conformed to. A lot of the time we obey, without thinking, unwritten rules about what must be said or more often left unsaid.

The idea of our summer party is an afternoon / evening to relax and just see what emerges. It won’t have a structure and in this free atmosphere we hope some rules will be forgotten and some roles left unfilled and as a result, good things will be talked about. There will be no PowerPoint, no formal presentations, nothing to dilute the atmosphere of freewheeling, freethinking idleness. To be clear the idea is to have a party with some like minded folk and the aim is to be idle.

To get us dreaming, we are looking for some party starters, some off beam “I don’t normally talk about this but seeing how this is just a party I might just give it an outing” type 5-minute talks which will be just enough to make a few submerged truths come to the top.

After that its just some nice food and drinks. Sign up; who knows what might happen.

Join us for drinks

Thursday, 25th August, 6pm onwards.
Get a ticket to get the address (hint: it’s near St. Paul’s).

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