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Nominate your digital hero for the Intranet Now Diamond Award

The (massive) Diamond Award is for someone’s remarkable contribution to the intranet community.

What does ‘contribution’ mean? What does ‘community’ mean? Honestly, you know.

The Diamond Award recognises individuals who share their work, knowledge, experience. People who are involved, engaged, and helpful.

It can be about publishing books and speaking at conferences, but it’s often about blogging, about deep and frequent conversations on LinkedIn, or the quality of sharing on Twitter.

It may be about helping connect and bring people together in person to share their experiences.

It’s definitely about influencing how people perceive and use intranets, but it’s also about doing good work – knowing your onions and having the work to prove it.

So while there are many consultants that spring to mind, we should be open to recognising in-house practitioners who share their internal work externally; who leave their desks and engage; those who publish their ‘week notes’ or tweet out their employee research conclusions or blog their digital workplace projects.

Diamond Award 2017.

Obviously there is a whole load of expertise across our industry, but we want to recognise those ‘digital types’ who share their expertise.

Our past winners include Sam Marshall, Martin White, James Roberson, The Intranetizens (Dana Leeson, Jonathan Phillips, Sharon O’Dea, Luke Mepham), Ellen van Aken, and Rupert Bowater.

They won because of their commitment to sharing their experiences with others. Their presence online helps shape our community, and supports the work people are doing in-house.

So, who has influenced your approach to digital? Nominate now.

Martin White
Martin White and Sam Marshall
James Robertson and Wedge
Ellen van Aken and Diamond Award 2017.
Rupert Bowater.

The award is mine and Lisa’s to give, after advice from our past winners – the Diamond alumni.


Winner announced on stage at the Intranet Now conference in London, 4th October 2019.

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