Join 130+ attendees for a full day intranet conference in the UK

Our early-bird special price was to thank those who’ve followed this idea from conception, and supported ‘Intranet Now’ as we’ve coalesced into a fully formed intranet conference.

We offered 80 cut-price tickets and they all sold in a fortnight – selling out a few hours before the actual deadline.

This means we’re certain to fill our room – which is important when you consider just how big our room is!


Partici… pation

An interested audience is crucial to the success of Intranet Now, as every audience member is really a participant, especially as we flip into group discussion unconference mode in the afternoon.

You’ll have the chance to contribute to, or lead, a discussion, gaining insights from scores of other intranet and comms people, and you’ll have the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers you will have seen on stage earlier. A truly practical and dynamic day, I hope you’ll agree.

We expect to have 176 or so people join us. Right now, you should secure your ticket via Eventbrite. This is the only independent intranet conference in the UK, and this is our first year – please join us so you can say ‘I was there at the start ‘. Imagine what we’ll do in 2015!


Price, cost, investment

I hate to talk about money, but you cannot find an equivalent conference for cheaper than £200 or £300, so please join us for just £120. This is central London. Think of that conference your director attended for £3000 – shouldn’t you have an inspiring and useful experience for a fraction of that cost?

I know you have to get the day away from work as well, but I hope you’ll consider this an investment in your career, and so please discuss expensing the ticket price with your manager now.


World-class speakers

What does that even mean? It means you’ll know of them. They regularly speak across Europe and around the world and they get invited back. They have a proven record of expertise and experience with intranets, and audiences want to see them.

Gerry McGovernWe have Gerry McGovern – who you may not have seen speak in England. Many people have told me that they’re looking forward to seeing Gerry after hearing so much about him from his popular blog and newsletter, New Thinking.

Sam MarshallThen there’s Sam Marshall – who you may well have seen around London, Denmark, or Sweden. Sam has a great deal of experience as an intranet manager and consulting intranet strategist, and presents with good humour and aplomb.

Martin WhiteThe singular doyen of enterprise search is Martin White – who you may have seen present in London or anywhere in the world. I always planned to ask Martin to speak with the caveat that I wouldn’t be too insulted if he ‘couldn’t make it’. To my delight, Martin volunteered to end our conference with Sam Marshall, as a two-man wrap-up.

Sharon O'DeaThe agenda soon became packed, yet we’ve made time for Sharon O’Dea, of Standard Chartered Bank and previously of Parliament. You might know her parliamentary mobile intranet work.

Jonathan PhillipsAnd we have Jonathan Phillips, or Coca Cola Enterprises; you might know his comms and mobile intranet successes.


Real intranet managers

The list goes on. Every minute of the day is packed with intranet expertise and comms experience. We have six or seven bona fide intranet managers on stage who will undoubtedly show you new avenues for success (along with some stories of pain).

Gabriele SaniJen haywardMichelle BaillieReg LewinAyesha Graves

I’ll say more about these practitioners in the near future; for now, check the agenda and the list of speakers. We have practitioners from The Children’s Trust, Telefonica, the FSB, Oxfam, IBM, and Which? – to name a few.


Join us

As I said, we’ve sold half our planned tickets in a fortnight, and as our conference is on Tuesday 2nd of September, you should talk to your teammates and manager now about attending. This is our inaugural year – please be part of our success.

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