Interact sponsors Intranet Now, and brings you lunch

Interact was one of the very first sponsors to come on board when Intranet Now was just an idea back in April / May. We’ve come a long way in a short time, and we’re all set to have a great day, with a good stand-up lunch sponsored by Interact.

Interact - intranet systemConsidering that Interact has their own intranet conference to arrange for October (Interaction), it’s incredible that they’ve found the time and energy to speak at and help with ours.

Imagine how easy it would have been for the Intranet Now conference idea to stall; if it wasn’t for the support and enthusiasm of our sponsors and speakers, we’d have failed before we started. Now we find that we have a great agenda, a superb venue in central London, and we still have the community goodwill that we started with.

Nigel WilliamsNigel Williams, Community Manager at Interact, will talk about ‘the good intranet parenting guide’, touching on how to consider the needs of a diverse user base and the quick wins to engage and involve them – hats and wigs may make an appearance! It’s a big subject for a 5 minute lightning talk, and audience members will have the chance to talk to Nigel directly in the afternoon group discussions – when the audience become participants.

Plus there’ll be plenty of networking time during the breaks, and the lunch – did I mention Interact is sponsoring lunch? I’d better make sure it’s a decent menu!

Early-bird tickets offer a 50% saving off the standard price of £120 – so please act quickly to get your tickets for just £60.



Interact is our top-tier sponsor, and we’re very grateful for their support.


Interact intranet

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