How to propose an unconference session

Have a think about what you know about intranets and digital communications (internal).

Don’t tell anyone your idea – not even us!

In the afternoon we will hold a big session where everyone with an idea will pitch their discussion idea. You just verbally explain your idea to everyone (we have microphones) in 20 seconds, and Brian and Wedge will write it down. Every idea is accepted.

You’ll be allotted a room and a time, and then once all the ideas have been laid-out on the wall for all to see, individuals will choose which group sessions to join. We might ask you to repeat your discussion.

You can all have a good chat, and facilitators might make notes. No need for you to even say much, so long as your idea was interesting and you’re willing to get the ball rolling.

We will have seven or eight rooms for these group discussions over three time slots. This means there will be loads of discussions, but you only get to attend three. Some discussions might be repeated.

Links about unconference sessions (just to help):

Unconference sessions are pitched and then laid out on the board with a time and space

Above, a pitch is made and then the idea is placed on the board with a time and space. All ideas are welcome and accepted; individuals choose what to participate in.

Photo credit: Benjamin Ellis