First gold sponsor of Intranet Now conference

Our first gold sponsor for the 2016 conference is Twine, a cloud based intranet that’s unexpectedly simple.

Intranet Now is an independent conference, run by Brian and me in-between our other day jobs. We met in 2014 for the first time to launch the first conference and now, as then, we choose to work with sponsors and speakers that we feel will add a lot to the day.

It’s great to have another sponsor on board already, and we’re certain that Twine’s lightning talk and workshop will give you a lot to think about. We’re grateful to our sponsors for making sure the conference is an affordable event for everyone.

“We enjoyed last year’s conference, and we’ve watched the Intranet Now community grow in sync with the interest in easy-to-use intranets. Twine is a little bit different from the majority of intranet platforms you’ll hear about, so we’re thrilled to present at Intranet Now in September, and share a couple of use-cases and a real case study.” – Julian Morency, Twine, Product Director

Twine was launched in 2013, and is developed by the nice people over at Browser Group.  Their ‘intranet as a service’ approach means that they can develop custom solutions on top of Twine, always working hard to deliver a pleasing user experience.

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