Requirements masterclass

Design an intranet, now! A requirements gathering and prototyping masterclass

Without proper requirements gathering, intranets become bloated with unnecessary features and too complex to use the tools that users really need.

Join Twine’s Julian Morency in a hands-on session to help you get to grips with requirements gathering and rapid prototyping. With the requirements gathered in the workshop, Julian and the team will be spending the remainder of the day creating an interactive prototype.

Room 3

3:35 pm

Julian Morency, Product Director of Twine

One of the biggest challenges with developing or procuring an intranet is knowing what it actually needs to do. Good requirements gathering is the first step to creating an intranet that is simple, whilst remaining useful.

With 10 years of experience planning web projects, Julian will show you his favourite techniques. Carrying out an interactive requirements gathering exercise, together you’ll design an elegant and intelligent intranet for the Intranet Now conference.

We won’t be throwing these post-it notes in the bin. After the session, you can join the Twine team in developing these ideas into an interactive prototype that will be viewable online as it progresses.

Remember, workshops run during the World Café and you will be reminded to attend the workshop of your choice.

You get to choose your workshop at registration – from 8:15am to 9am.

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